Monochrome: How You Can Apply This Trend To Your Walls And Floorings

August 3, 2020

Monochromatic Interiors

The monochromatic interior is a trend where the entire room is decorated with shades and hues of the same color. It is a classy design that highlights the different elements of a space. It is a widespread interior design style for several reasons. Monochromatic colors give any room a textured and sophisticated appearance. 

Mixing the different hues of the same color does not appear bland but instead gives the room a dimensional look. To achieve a monochromatic space, the designer will add shades of the same color to all the elements of a room; this will include the walls, furniture, floor, and décor.

White, black, and grey are popular colors for monochromatic designs; however, you can always explore beyond the ordinary and go for splashes of green, orange, and brown. When vibrant colors like green are used, you will be able to incorporate pastel colours to dark shades such as mint and emerald. There is a lot to explore with this particular trend. You can use warm tones, cool tones, beiges, and tans from the same color palette. 

Monochrome Floors And Walls

Walls and floors are two crucial elements in a monochrome design. Both occupy a lot of space, and hence the color has to be carefully selected. Make it a point to pay attention to the texture, as this will help add depth to the room. 

Wooden floors and walls are the best options for monochromatic designs as they are textured and come in different shades to your liking. There are various patterns and colors you can choose. Some of the popular options include parquet, oakwood, and ash wood flooring

Wood does not have to be limited to flooring; it can be used for walls as well. The exquisite herringbone and other parquet pieces will not only add texture to your room but also achieve the monochromatic design you desire. 

There is a lot of experimentation that can be done with monochrome designs. The interior designer can help you achieve the style of the room and select a monochrome design to complement this style. You can also break away from traditional monochromatic designs of whites and greys. Pastel colors and shades can accomplish a contemporary touch. 

The use of wood for home flooring within the rooms can give your space a dimensional effect. Lighting is a vital factor in monochromatic designs. Lights will gracefully showcase the different shades and highlight all the elements in a room. Make sure to choose bulbs of the same color range, to complement the monochromatic design of the room. 

Versatility Of Monochrome Designs

These designs can be adjusted to suit the tone of the room. If you are going for colonial interior design, you can opt for rustic floors, walls, and furniture of the same hues. If you wish to represent chic, bohemian interiors, you can opt for bright colors and then stick to the same palette. Even though floors and walls need to be carefully selected, make sure to consider the furnishings in the room. You can pick out dark shades for the furnishings and also layer the colors to make the décor pop out. 

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