January 29, 2013

Ash is a strong, hard wood species, even harder than Oak. This wood species is pale in a typical Scandinavian way with fine, brown streaks and few discreet knots. It has a relatively long grain and ambers over the years. Ash is used to make tools, wood flooring and furniture. Some of Kährs Ash floors have strong color variations that really bring them to life.

Family: Olive (Lat. Oleaceae)
Size: Ash can grow up to 35m in height. The trunk can grow to ca. 4m in circumference.
Origin of Kährs Ash flooring: Sweden
Hardness: Hard, strong and lightweight. Brinell value: 4.0
Colour: Pale cream darkens to a more straw-coloured appearance.
Random fact: According to Norse mythology, Odin – Father of the Viking Gods – created the first man, Askr or Ask, from the wood of the Ash tree.

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