February 3, 2013

Oak is a hard and beautiful wood species. The grain of the wood is long and straight, and the wood has a pale brown tone that becomes more a yellowy amber colour over time. Oak is the most popular wood species for flooring and furniture in Europe and the USA. Almost four in every five Kährs floors are made from oak.

Oak can live for over a thousand years. When it is over 150 years old, natural cavities form in oak which then become homes for thousands of animal species and rare insects. Around 500 insects are directly dependent on the decayed wood in old oak trees.

Family: Beech (Lat. Fagaceae)
Size: Oak can grow up to 30 m in height. The trunk can grow to around 10 m in circumference.
Ready to Fell: 50 – 150 years
Origin of Kährs Oak flooring: Sweden, and to an extent further south in Europe
Hardness: Hard, dense and strong. Brinell value: 3.7
Colour: Medium strong, oak darkens gently over the years and takes on an amber-like tone.
Random fact: From a biological standpoint, no other European wood species is more important than oak as it provides protection and nutrition to around 2 000 species throughout its life.

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