Walnut is a dark, medium hardwood species with a straight, patchy grain. The heartwood is pale brown to dark chocolate in colour. Unlike most wood species, Walnut turns lighter over the years and becomes golden brown. It is a popular choice for furniture, cabinet-making, flooring and cooking utensils. Kährs Walnut flooring conveys a sense of luxury and coziness.

Family: Walnut (Lat. Juglandaceae)
Size: Walnut can grow up to 30 m in height (4-5 m when cultivated).
Origin of Kährs Walnut flooring: USA
Hardness: Heavy, hardwearing and hard, but a little softer than oak. Brinell value: 3.4
Colour change: Walnut undergoes a medium to extensive colour change. The dark brown heartwood pales over time, taking on a yellowish-brown hue.
Random fact 1: The Walnut was a holy tree in both Greece and Rome in ancient times. It was a symbol of fertility devoted to Artemis, Goddess of chastity and the hunt, and Diana, her Roman equivalent.
Random fact 2: The oil extracted from Walnut is excellent for cooking. It is also used in cosmetics. Its softening qualities make the skin beautiful and a hair masque containing Walnut oil is said to strengthen dry hair.


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