New Trend: Choosing The Perfect Blend Of Colours For Your Wooden Floors

November 24, 2020

Flooring is the foundation of residential or commercial places, which can provide elegance, highlighting the top-notch work of the whole place. The right color combination will bring a lot of energy and delicacy to the entire space, giving a pleasing sensation to the eye. Rather than using a neutral color, a blend of color tones can provide a unique, eye-catching texture to the layout of your space.

If you are planning to install wood flooring for your company or residence or to reinstate the existing ones, the below tips will help you to pick the perfect color blend. The updated swing is all about more lights, grays, and high variation tones, and the direction has given more prominence to extra whitewashed, beachy looks, including several warm colors.

High Variation Wood Floors

From darkness to light, high variation wood flooring comes in an array of colors and shades. It provides a natural and rustic glance similar to the discrepancies that can be seen in real tree trunks. These combinations fit better with open spaces like the living area, kitchen, or dining room. Striking colors are ideal for high traffic areas as it can hide scratches and dents with their ability to adapt to the cuts and make those a part of the design.

Distinctive Gray

Gray is the special guy who keeps gaining popularity in the wooden floor industry with its shades, bringing stunning colors that fit perfectly to your home or office space. This set of colors comprise a cool, vibrant character and provides a neutral backdrop for decoration, making it easier to select the background colors for your furniture and other ornaments.

Contemporary Greige 

This is the most popular trend where grey combines with beige to give greige. The simple look of grey with a mix of beige works well for any room space. A substantial balance on beige will provide you with a coziness, whereas more grey can come up with a fresh and modern feel. Selecting the ideal shade of this combination will produce a long-lasting, versatile floor.

Enhanced Blonde

Blonde has made a trendy comeback with a beautiful, clean, and exposed look. These colors are ideal for homes with less space or low ceilings as it can make it appear bigger. The wood complexion can accommodate a wide range of decoration and artwork colors. You can select from maple, white oak, red oak, and ash timber for the perfect blend and acquire a relaxing, open look to your space.

Whitewashed Floors

These floors are more subtle and matter in character, providing an increased natural note. The colors work best with white oak for a sophisticated look. It will also make your home flooring more comprehensive and relaxed. The planks typically show a darker wood from underneath, manifesting the signs of wear as the worn trends are prevalent in all types of flooring.

Cozy Honey Wood

A stair above the blonde, honey can give you a little darker output with an increased comfort effect. Similar to the lighter flex, this will also provide an extensive look to the atmosphere with its tone. Together with a realistic look, the eye-catching warmth it brings to the floor is rewarding. You can acquire this tone with ease to decorate home areas filled with contentment.

Make sure to choose the best tone for your space, along with the arrangement of flooring. Contact our team if you need expert advice for your selection. Visit the best wood flooring company in Dubai, Nordic Homeworx, for the finest timber shades, styles, and patterns to get your premises updated with the latest trending shades.

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