Office Interior: A Step-By-Step Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wooden Flooring

February 2, 2021

If you want to add a touch of elegance and warmth to your interior, wooden flooring is the obvious choice that can resolve the matter. Apart from the cozy ambiance, wooden floors Dubai are strong and durable with low maintenance. These characteristics have made the timbers a top pick in the office interior with their numerous advantages and classy appearance. A perfect wooden flooring can bring more brightness and activeness to your office culture, increasing the productivity, efficiency, and overall attitude of the employees. The contemporary styles will be eye catchy for your customers and visitors as well. To acquire all these, it is essential to look into the main factors you need to consider before selecting your ideal pick of timber to the floor. Hence, this article will dive into a step-by-step guide to choosing the perfect wooden flooring for your office interior.

Wood Type And Grain Patterns

When it comes to wood flooring, Oak is the most popular timber species with its wide range of tones and availability. Apart from the elegant look, Oak has more features like higher resistivity and durability. Walnut is another popular choice with its deep color for those who look for a darker finish to their interior. 

You can also select from cherry, maple, teak, and other timber species depending on your desire in wood selection. Once you visit the wood flooring company in Dubai, you will be given a wide range of wooden planks with their highlighting features to make the opt selection.

You can also choose your grain pattern considering the space, and your other interior decorations, crafts, and wall colors. Typically, logs are cut in three different ways, plain, rift, and quarter sawed, where you can even go for a mix of these, which is quite popular in hardwood engineered flooring.

Width And Thickness

It is essential to give prominence to the thickness of your selected wood type, especially if you are looking for refinishing and sanding in the future. The wooden floors need to refinish after years to get over the scratches and dents and bring back the new look.

You can ask from your wooden flooring company how the thickness needs to be selected and which areas need special attention in your space. The industry experts will give you detailed instructions making your pick easier and effective for your premises.

Plank width also plays a major role as it can affect the overall look of your room. You can choose a wider plank or even use two or three-inch stripes accordingly. If you want to make, narrow spaces look big, get advice from the professionals on selecting the appropriate plank width.

Type Of Finish

You can choose a type of finish that goes best with your selected wood type to enhance the look of your floor while ensuring maximum protection to the surface. You can choose from the below-mentioned surface treatments for your timber.

Oil – Floors treated with oil are easy to clean and maintain, as it is ideal for an office floor with minimum cleaning maintenance. The structure and the grain of the wood can be enhanced by applying oil, bringing a more valuable look to your wooden flooring.

Ultra-matt lacquer – They can be an invisible shield to minimize the wear and tear of your wooden floor. As office spaces can be high traffic areas with daily customer visits and other external factors, an ultra-matt lacquer can be the right finishing to complete the wooden floor project.

Matt lacquer – If you are looking for a more untreated, bare wood look, this is the ideal option for the surface treatments of your flooring. The hardwearing and easy to maintain features will ensure the best selection of timber.

Silk matt lacquer – These will ensure the authentic look of your wood without any artificial shine by accentuating its natural structure. Similar to matt lacquer, this finishing will make the maintenance a lot easier at your workspace.

High gloss lacquer – These are for the ones who want more shine and brightness to their space. The high gloss lacquer is ideal for a showroom to enhance the beauty of the wood species that you have chosen for your wooden flooring.

It is essential to look into all these factors to finalize the perfect look for your office premises. Do not forget to add a few rugs, especially in high traffic areas, to enhance the look of your selected timber while ensuring durability. At Nordic homework, you can find a wide range of wooden planks to choose from for your office, along with the best resurfacing methods. Visit us, the best commercial and home flooring company in Dubai, and choose the best wooden planks for your premises.

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