Perfecting Wood Floors: How To Clean Between The Old Planks

June 16, 2020

Wood floorings are stunning installations that can truly transform the look and feel of an office and home like no other. However, after they have been well placed in position, having to have them cleaned and maintained regularly involves a different regimen as compared to the other normal floorings. Extra care and attention to detail are necessary to protect the wood floors from losing their lacquer and stability over time. A list of all the important care instructions is presented below to help you preserve your wood floors and have them thoroughly cleaned out till the next maintenance session. 

Limiting Exposure

As it is famously said, prevention is better than cure and this also stands true for your wooden floors. There are many substances that are known to affect the structure as well as the appearance of wood floorings that are installed within a closed space. These include intense exposure to heat, humidity, water, and even foods and drinks that can leave deep stains on wood. 

Familiarizing yourself with the different factors that can affect the durability of your particular style of wood floors would prove to be a perfect start to help taking care of your wood floors in the right manner. You can then eliminate these factors if not avoid them altogether as much as possible. This will also prevent substances from settling within the surface and gaps of wooden planks and causing further inconveniences in the future. 

Purchasing The Right Products

There are products created and sold in the market that cater to the needs of optimally cleaning your floors even in the smallest crevices that exist between and within the wood installations. As recommended to you by your flooring expert, you can purchase the best one which will not only thoroughly clean between surfaces but also prevent the wood from being damaged repeatedly upon use. 

The Kährs spray cleaner can be used in combination with a lacquer finish or satin oil to give your floors the cleaning it needs along with the smooth finish that is specifically crafted for your floor type. This is environment friendly and does not contain harsh chemicals. In addition to these properties, it also has sufficient amounts of oils that help the floors retain their shine long after. A vacuum cleaner can also efficiently suck out all the debris between gaps present in the floors, even more so with the right attachment that can be purchased in advance for your home flooring

Deep Cleaning

Among the many methods that work well in removing dirt from between wooden planks, using a simple Kährs cleaner care kit can be of apt help. For removing both the visible and indiscernible build-up of debris, this kit can be used as it contains a spray cleaner, dry mop, and an ample number of felt floor protectors. The Kährs cleaner, for example, is a concentrated formula cleaner that is specially formulated to remove the finest of dirt and dust particles when used with water and a soft mop pad. 

Scheduling Maintenance

Besides daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning practices that you follow on a regular basis at home, scheduling professional maintenance services is also a necessity. These experts can help provide the much-needed cleaning between all the gaps present and can also fix any displacement that might have occurred due to rough use or force. Your wood floors will be nourished and conditioned as well as cleansed in the best way possible using advanced technology and equipment like steam cleaners. 

If you have installed wooden flooring in your home and would like to learn more about how to take care of them in the most optimal way, you can get in touch with our expert team at Nordic Homeworx. We can help you keep your floors well preserved and looking brand new always. 

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