Playing With Natural Elements: Wood Floor Ideas From Maria Kingsley

May 12, 2019

Swedish interior designer Maria Kinglsey has a mission to help her clients realise their visions for their homes and advise them on all aspects of the interior design- including choosing colour schemes and materials. She is also a strong advocate of the idea that your choice of home flooring will have a large impact on the overall feeling in the home.

In this blog, we will go on a journey with Maria Kingsley to understand how natural interior elements can help turn a ‘house’ into a ‘home’.

Personalization At Its Best

While every interior designer has a different opinion about creating a ‘perfect’ home, Maria thinks differently. She says – “My personal view is that an interior shouldn’t be too perfect. If you add objects creating a contrast, like something old and worn against new and shiny, or a hard surface against a soft one, it makes the interior much more interesting.”

Maria believes that the interiors must speak of their inhabitants. Things like their interests, hobbies or memories help the home showcase something about the people who live there. Prior to starting a project, she takes time to speak to the homeowners and help them think up new ideas to create some depth and dimension to their home. Further, Maria understands the architecture and framework of a building or an apartment and matches it’s interior to its exterior to bring about some concord.

Playing With Wood And Stone

Every home is designed to be in harmony with its surroundings. The sun, wind and the sky has a special role in bringing the best out of a home if the architecture is done just right. For example, homes with glass roofs and skylight that bring in the sunshine and the blue sky; or homes with large bay windows and balconies that let the summer breeze in. Living in a home that is in balance and one with nature is refreshing to the heart, mind and body.

Similarly, Maria is a designer who believes in using and playing with natural elements to create unique home interiors. The floor is a key space in any home, so giving it an earthy warmth using wooden flooring is one way to create a oneness with nature outside. Maria works with Kährs wood floors as often as she can to bring out this particular feel for all her client homes.

As a designer, she always ensures that the colour schemes used for the interiors are what appeals to her clients. While her personal favourite is a neutral palette including soft beige and grey, she experiments with hues and shades that add an oomph to the interior she is creating.

Wooden Home Flooring

Maria has a special liking for wooden home flooring. She says – “I like to work with natural materials, like wood. A wood floor stays beautiful for a long time and gets a nice patina over the years. It adds warmth and softens the impression of all types of interiors.”

So, as Maria suggested, remember to add the rustic warmth of Kährs wood floors to your new home in Dubai. Consult with our experts today.

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