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Since 1987 Chicago Meatpackers unites meat packing knowledge, heritage and skills with contemporary hand cut meat craftsmanship. This is their first international branch outside of Germany. The restaurant features three different Kährs wood floors in an aged, smoky brown colour.

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HPI Middle East


Studio Zee

Floor(s): Oak Palazzo Fumo, Oak Scurro, Oak Smoke (discontinued),
Floor Name Surface Treatment Colour Wood Species Design Floor Thickness
Oak Palazzo Fumo (discontinued)


Oak Scurro (discontinued)


Oak Smoke (discontinued)

Matt Lacquer

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Oak Atmosphere

The warm, rosy tones of this 3-strip cherry floor create a delicate yet harmonious atmosphere. This floor emits a refined charm thanks to its silk lacquer finish, which highlights the natural character of the wood while offering protection.

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Vintage Charm

Oak Scurro from the Domani Collection enchants with its robust, dark brown demeanour and hand-scraped texture, evoking an antique appeal. This rustic wood has a timeless style with knots, cracks, and fills.

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Kährs Wood Flooring Allure

As the restaurant’s ambiance perfectly intertwines with the attraction of the fine wood floorings, a timeless blend of old charm and sophisticated attractiveness pervades every area. Here, the staircase becomes a prominent point, serving as a visual tribute to craftsmanship.

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