February 25, 2014

When I was in elementary school in Sweden we had to participate in woodshop classes as part of our education (yep, DIY really is that important over there). And as a final exam, we had to compete in assembling the most complex piece of IKEA furniture in the shortest amount of time. Just kidding!

Jokes aside, I was really happy to stumble upon this great DIY project that takes me back to those fun woodshop classes. My favourite tool was not the exhilarating saw machine or let-all-your-frustrations-out hammer, but the fantastically fun solid-tip burners (aka “glow pens”) that could burn/draw on wood.

These etched wooden spoons by Design Mom are a perfect example of how to transform something plain into an object of desire. Who knew wooden spoons could be so much fun? Text, designs or illustrations – follow your creative intuitions and burn away!

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