Remodeling Your Apartment Floors? 5 Style Guidelines To Try This Year

September 10, 2019

Hardwood floors are an evergreen choice for apartment floorings in Dubai. The elegant wooden panel floors go perfectly well with both traditional and contemporary styled homes. Their great functionality and beautiful aesthetics cannot be replaced; which is why they are an absolute favorite for home and apartment flooring in this part of the world.

As pioneers in crafting environment-friendly hardwood flooring, Kährs have always been at the forefront of perfecting wood floors that can blend seamlessly with any kind of interior design plan. In this blog, we will take a look at 5 design ideas to remodel apartment floorings, without making evident design changes to the existing interiors.

The Light And Airy Look

The bleached or “Scandanavian-style” floorings are one of the most sought after flooring designs that can go well with both modern as well as traditional housing spaces. White and light stained apartment floorings, with muted grain variations, can give your home a light, breezy and ethereal appearance, making the rooms look bigger and brighter than they actually are.

Black And Ebonized Floors

For a while, dark and ebonized floors went out of fashion due to the slight difficulty in maintaining them perfectly. While ebonized floors are gorgeous and glossy, it can highlight even the slightest of imperfections. For this reason, most designers keep ebonized wood floorings strictly to the bedrooms. 

However, with a more natural finish, these floors can still be used to add depth and sophistication to any home interior. As the ebonized floors take fine craftsmanship to design, Kährs currently has some of the most popular ebonized wood floorings available in the market.

Soft Gray Tones

Just like white toned floors, gray floors are also an all-time favorite for apartment flooring.  Gray tones are often achieved with the use of a combination of stains. At Kährs, we design muted gray floors that look natural and authentic, without reminding anyone of the staining process that goes behind it to achieve the peculiar shades. Gray floors are also favored in the UAE as these floors don’t highlight tiny specs of dust or dirt too much.


Bare And Natural

The bare or unfinished look on white oak floors with a subtle oil finish can give a sophisticated look to any home interior without contrasting with its existing designs. As the bare wood floor collections are not chemically treated for stains, these often come for affordable prices. The natural floors are also more forgiving- meaning that they do not highlight dents and scratches as much as glossy finish wood floorings showcase. 

Smooth Matte Floors

The matte floors are one level above the bare and unfinished looking wooden floors. These floors have a higher level of finish but with lesser sheen. White and gray floors look absolutely beautiful in matte finishes and will show off the grain of the wood without any emphasizing on layer of finish. Matte floors also go very well with any type of home interior, allowing you to make this your top choice for remodeling your home.

At Nordic Homeworx, we have a wide variety of Kährs wood floor designs that can be mixed and matched to suit your exact remodeling ideas. Contact us today to get the best apartment flooring designs in Dubai.

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