Sunshine Friendly: Why Matt Finish Floors Are A Perfect Choice For Your Summer Home

July 9, 2019

However, without the right home interiors, even summer homes can look dark and drab. While there are a number of elements that add to the beauty of these homes, the one thing that stands out is the floor. 

It is said that wood floorings are heaven-sent for summer homes. The wood floors offer a smooth and cool surface to step, walk and sit on a hot summer noon. They bring in a warm earthy feel and are almost always smooth to touch.

But are all wood floors the same? What makes matt wood floors and an absolute favourite for summer homes?

In this blog, we will discover more about wood floor surface treatments and speciality matt floors, and why they are a perfect match for summer homes.

Surface treatments

The wood floor surface is what you see, touch and feel. While all wood floorings are smooth to touch, their appearance matters a lot on individual preferences and where they are being used. The look, feel and function of a wood floor will decide which one you will want to be used for your summer home. 

At  Kährs, we know that the surface of the wooden floor is visually the most important part of the wooden floor. With this understanding, we ensure that all our wood floorings are tough enough to withstand the daily wear and tear, without compromising on the wood’s lustre. 

Matt Lacquer Wood floors

Interior designers often recommend wood floorings treated with matt lacquer for summer homes. These floors look and feel very much like natural wood and are quite useful at keeping the sun’s glare down inside the home. While tiles or vinyl floorings have a natural shine that reflects sunlight, the matt floors keep them down to a bare minimum while still maintaining its minimalistic beauty. 

The matt lacquer from Kährs is known to produce a bare wood look as if the wood floor panels are left untreated. The soft and natural-looking surface is quite pleasant to walk barefoot on. While it is coarser than a satin surface, the matt lacquer floors are a perfect match for your summer home.

The Kährs ultra-matt lacquer floors, on the other hand, looks and feels almost like an untreated, newly sawn timber. While it’s strong and almost invisible lacquer shield protects it from wear and tear, it presents a much coarser surface than normal matt floors. If you want your summer home to have a warm and rustic feel, opt for ultra-matt lacquer wood flooring from Kährs.

Looking for wood flooring options with matt lacquer and ultra-matt lacquer finishes from Kährs? Consult with our experts and check out our latest collections today.

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