Surface Treatment: Understanding The Difference Between 5 Types Of Materials Used

March 24, 2021

Surface Treatment: Understanding The Difference Between 5 Types Of Materials Used


Wooden flooring is the ultimate choice for many people as it gives an increased look of luxury and elegance to the premises. Wood planks give your space a timeless look along with other benefits and features. Flooring companies often recommend surface treatment to keep up the wood’s excellence for an extended period with minimal scratches and dents. The techniques also help emphasize the timber’s natural tones and grains for a more natural and subtle look. Among the wide range of surface treatments available, this article discusses the top 5 surface treatments and helps you understand the difference between the five types of materials used.

Matt Lacquer Finish

The treatment is ideal for sustaining the natural look of the wood grain patterns in your timber. The finish requires very little maintenance and offers a long-lasting hardened surface while protecting against wear and scratches. The subtle finish with matt lacquer will provide an untreated, bare wood look to your floor.

High Gloss Lacquer

If you are into more shiny and bright choices, a high gloss lacquer will be the ideal partner for your wooden floor to elevate the glimmer. These floor types can reflect light embracing the beauty of your floor in detail. The effortless and elegant beauty of high gloss lacquer has made it a top choice among wooden floor users.

Silk Matt Lacquer

A silk matt lacquer finish is perfect for the common areas of your home or residence. The material can complement the character of wood by accentuating its natural state. The application will make your cleaning and maintenance much easier without concealing the structure of the wood. If you are not inclined towards shining and reflecting surfaces, silk matt lacquer is the right option for your planks.

Oil Surface Treatment

The clear and colored oils can provide the best protection against scratches, scuffs, moisture, and wear. The finishing is pleasing and looks more natural and warm when coated on the wooden planks. The surfaces may require a little more care than the rest, but it will always be worth it with the enhanced natural wood color.

Ultra-Matt Lacquer

If you are looking for a more unfinished and newly-sawn timber look on your floor, the invisible yet silky shield of ultra-matt lacquer is a perfect choice. The layer is strong enough to protect your floor from wear and tear. The refinement can scatter the light, enhancing the matt look. You can use the material in any wooden species such as oak, maple, ash, birch, and on any wooden texture, including wood parquetry styles like herringbone, chevron, and Dutch.

If you are planning to install wooden flooring for your space, ensure to add a surface treatment to your floor for a comprehensive look and perfect finishing. Visit us at Nordic Homeworx for professional consultation and select the finest wood species, color, size, plank size, patterns, and surface treatment. We are more than happy to help add everlasting beauty to your property.

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