Design Stories: Flooring Inspiration

Each project we work on is special to us and we are extremely proud to be building an extensive catalogue of beautiful references for residential and commercial flooring. These spaces, be they cozy homes or sprawling apartments, showcase our commitment to infusing warmth and character into every environment. Simultaneously, our dedication to commercial flooring amplifies professionalism, durability, and style in diverse settings like restaurants, offices, and retail stores.

We invite you to browse through our portfolio and get inspired by a variety of our Kährs wood floors and LVT floors installed in various projects throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Kährs Wood Flooring

Wood is the most environmentally friendly, beautiful and versatile flooring material available. While trends come and go, quality and style always remain. That’s why a Kährs wood floor will always be a great choice.

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Kährs Luxury Tiles Flooring

Kährs Luxury Tiles floors are developed using a combination of innovative design and modern flooring technology. These LVT floors and bio-based floors look like wood or stone, but offer maximum durability and a long life.

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Why Kährs Flooring?

Kährs has been working with wood for more than 160 years and is today one of the oldest and most innovative manufacturers of natural engineered wood flooring, LVT flooring and bio-based flooring in the world.

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How to Choose Your Kährs Floor

The floor is one of the most important elements when you want to create a certain style in a space. Here are some things you should consider when selecting your natural engineered wood floor, LVT floor or bio-based floor.

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The floor is one of the most important elements when you want to create a certain style in a space. Here are some things you should consider when selecting your natural engineered wood floor, LVT floor or bio-based floor.

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Discover our new luxury bio-based

Aware Collection

The Aware collection is produced from natural, bio-based materials consisting of natural and recycled fibres from the textile industry, recycled wood and cork, which has enabled a certification by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – one of the strictest environmental labels on the market. Kährs Aware is a durable flooring collection for the modern consumer seeking comfort with no compromises on design.

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Versatile Flooring Solutions for Every Space

From the cosy comforts of residential homes to the dynamic environments of commercial spaces, Nordic Homeworx flooring solutions adapt to diverse settings. For your home, we offer residential flooring solutions that infuse warmth and character into every room, enhancing the ambiance with the timeless appeal of natural engineered wood, LVT, and bio-based flooring.

In business landscapes, our tailored commercial flooring options exude professionalism, durability, and style, making a statement in offices, restaurants, retail stores, and beyond. With quality and design, we curate flooring experiences, elevating both living and working spaces throughout the UAE.

Need Flooring Advice?

As the finest flooring company in Dubai, our consultants are here to provide comprehensive advice tailored to your needs. Whether you’re exploring options in engineered wood, LVT, or bio-based flooring, our professionals bring extensive knowledge and experience to address your queries.

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Nordic Homeworx Talks

Our Founder & Managing Director Pauline Madani met with team members and special guests in a series of talks to discuss different topics and cover many of the frequently asked questions our clients have had over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a standard per square metre price for all our floors, however there are variables which must be considered before determining the precise cost. Therefore, we recommend speaking to one of our flooring experts who can provide you a cost estimate for your specific needs.

Yes, we maintain a selection of our best-sellers in stock in our Dubai warehouse. Additionally, we offer free sea freight shipping of floors from Sweden if you wish to choose from our 250+ different floors available.

If the ordered stock is available in Dubai, it will be delivered in 1-2 days to anywhere within the UAE, based on the location and schedule availability.

If the material is available for immediate dispatch from the Kährs’ warehouse in Sweden, the stock will be delivered to the UAE by sea freight in a span of 7-9 weeks. The delivery time is slightly longer, i.e., 9-11 weeks for other countries in the region.

We also provide air freight service with a delivery time of 10-14 days to UAE, however, it incurs an additional charge.

For information on delivery time to other countries in the region, please inquire via

Several factors including room shape, furniture, size, installation method and the amount of accessories required decide the installation time. For floating/ glueless installation, a team of two installers can lay approximately 30-40 sqm per day in an empty room with right angles.

Yes, at Nordic Homeworx we have a team of trained installers, who are skilled craftsmen as well as experts in Kährs wood flooring. It allows us to provide our customers with the best installation service and product performance.

Yes, we have our own team of highly skilled installers who are true craftsmen at what they do as well as experts in Kährs wood flooring. This helps us to ensure the installation service and product performance is to your full satisfaction.

Yes, Kährs wood and LVT floors have been made through a novel multi-layered construction which minimises the movement of the wood floor which otherwise swells and shrinks with high and low humidity, respectively. So the flooring remains intact despite seasonal fluctuations in humidity.

Selecting the right flooring involves distinct factors for residential and commercial spaces. Residential flooring typically prioritises warmth, aesthetics, and comfort, while commercial flooring emphasises durability, maintenance, and style to withstand higher foot traffic and diverse usage. Our experts can guide you in your flooring choice, to ensure it perfectly suits its intended environment.

Nordic Homeworx distinguishes itself through a commitment to excellence in providing high quality flooring solutions. Our extensive inventory, including natural engineered wood, LVT, and bio-based flooring, combined with expert consultancy and dedicated installation services, ensures a seamless and satisfying experience for our customers across residential and commercial projects.


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