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Though trends may come and go, quality and true style never goes out of fashion. That’s why a wood floor from Kährs will always be the perfect choice.



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1. What are the key things to consider when selecting a wood floor in Dubai for the home?

Choosing wood flooring in Dubai for your home can be an overwhelming process. Often first thing clients seem to be certain of is the colour of the flooring they want to have in their home- though they are usually uncertain about the design, wood species and surface finish they want. We therefore spend time with our clients to learn their specific needs and be able to recommend the type of flooring suitable for their requirements. We tailor our recommendations based on their personal, interior and lifestyle preferences and concept.

Other important factors to consider are budget, natural light exposure, room shape and joinery works- such as cabinets and doors.

2. What is parquet flooring in Dubai?

Parquet flooring in Dubai is perfect alternative to marble floors and has gained immense popularity over the century. It is composed of small slabs of wood that are formed to create patterns. This multi-piece construction gives it an elevated and 3D feel. It can be conveniently and easily installed thereby not requiring nailing. Parquet wood flooring can be made from solid or engineered wood, but is highly recommended for above-grade installation.

3. How does an engineered floor differ from solid wood?

Engineered wood flooring has been designed to be more climatically stable than solid wood flooring. Kährs engineered wood floors are constructed on a multi-layer principle that reduces the drain on nature’s resources, while increasing the lifespan of the wood floor in Dubai.

Kährs engineered wood floors in Dubai sand as if they were solid. The multi-layer construction uses hardwood down to the joint only, with fast-growing wood below, which means it can be refurbished in exactly the same way as a solid floor.

4. Are there any particularly popular current trends in what the consumers are buying/looking for at the moment?

There are many other aspects as to why we have seen an increased demand for wood flooring. Wood floors keeps your feet warm on cool days and refreshingly cool on warm days, thanks to their natural cellar structures. Wood was designed by nature to be a great insulator with thousands of air chambers per cubic inch. In fact, wood offers seven times better insulation than ceramic tiles and is much warmer than plastic laminate or thin vinyl floors- naturally. Wood floors are, in fact, physically warmer – but they also have a way of softening a whole interior, representing kindness in a high-tech world. No synthetic carpet, vinyl or plastic laminate flooring can compete with the spirit of wood, either physically or emotionally.

In terms of appearance, we find that there is not one wood floor that is most popular or fits all. We cannot predict as easily what colour or style will work best for the masses- this keeps it interesting and exciting to work on projects as each one is so unique and unpredictable.

However, we have seen a consistent popularity with patterned wood floors in Dubai– namely herringbone and chevron. These patterns always add an elegant and timeless feel to any interior.

Another important trend – and one that is definitely here to stay – is the use of sustainable and natural materials – and wood floors are more environmental friendly than most other building materials. For example, wood plays an important part in counteracting climate changes, and according to the EU commission, an increased use of wood products would stimulate the planting of new forest, while bringing down carbon dioxide emissions.

5. What are the eco-friendly benefits of Kährs wood flooring in Dubai?

Solid wood floors are an unnecessary drain on natural resources. Kährs engineered flooring is more eco-friendly than solid wood flooring as they use fast-growing wood species such as pine for the core material, thereby using less of the valuable hardwood surface layer when compared to solid wood flooring. Kährs patented its parquet technology in 1941, and have since been using it in all our wood flooring.

Kährs only uses reliable suppliers that shares our vision and commitment to quality and the environment, and the wood used comes almost entirely from Scandinavia and Europe, where new growth exceeds that which is harvested. More than 70% of the raw material grows less than 160 km from Kährs factory in Sweden.

Over the years, Kährs has introduced a number of manufacturing and flooring innovations that have enabled a more responsible, green production. We continuously strive to find new ways of reducing any impact on nature, in terms of air quality, water discharge and noise control, to the benefit of our employees, neighbours and the climate in general.

6. What’s the best type of flooring for a family kitchen?

We have seen an increase in demand for installing natural wood flooring in kitchens. Installing a natural wood floor in a kitchen will add to the overall homey feeling, is beautiful to look at, comfortable to walk on, creates an ambience that lasts a long time and is non-allergenic. Wood is also renewable, unlike plastics and many other synthetic materials. Seeing as the kitchen is often thought of as the heart of the home – a room that family members generally tend to gravitate to – it definitely makes sense to install a natural wood floor there. If you’re intent on using wood, you may install engineered parquet wood flooring in your kitchen. The engineered wood can withstand constant fluctuations in humidity levels as well as human foot traffic, making your floor and the whole room elegant for years to come.

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