Surprising Health Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring

July 14, 2022

Health benefits do not only come from the food that you consume, the vitamins that you take, or the exercise that you perform every day. Most of the time, it comes from your environment, the air that you breathe, and the space that you live in.

When you’re planning to build a new home or remodel your old house, aside from curating a beautiful and functional design, you should also take into consideration the kind of materials you will be using. And flooring investment is no exception.

When it comes to flooring options, hardwood floors are the most preferred type. Wood flooring is a high-quality flooring option that stands out, lasts for years, and adds long-term value to any home. Aside from their functionality and beauty, they are easy to clean and reduce the formation of dust, spores, and pet dander, making them a better and healthier option for those who have children.

But surprisingly, aside from the exotic installation of wooden floors in Dubai, which can become your flooring investment, it also has significant health benefits for you and your loved ones.

It Doesn’t Trap Dust Pollutants and Microorganisms

The hard surface of wooden floors prevents dust pollutants, pet dander, and other microorganisms from staying longer on floorboards, which may cause allergies and respiratory problems. Unlike carpets, which are more susceptible to allergens and dust mites, you can easily clean dust pollutants on a hardwood surface.

While microorganisms are not always easy to eliminate, there are ways to reduce them, such as frequent cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and washing. But be careful as well, because you might irritate them. Eliminating many of the places where allergies can congregate is one way to prevent them entirely.

Without trapped dust mites and allergens, your family and loved ones can breathe fresher air and have a safer space without the worry of acting on allergies and the like.

Easier to Disinfect and Sanitize 

Hardwood floors eliminate the need for frequent vacuuming. Instead of tripping over heavy vacuums and cords, clean your floors with a dust mop on a regular basis. This will remove the dirt, hair, and other microorganisms debris that has accumulated on your floors, instantly freeing the air from allergens.

It is also very easy to disinfect and Sanitize your wooden floors. With the help of a damp mop and hardwood-friendly antibacterial cleaner, you can say goodbye to dusty space and say hello to fresher air.

Better Air Quality

As stated above, hardwood floors do not trap dust and dirt, which in turn improves the air quality in your home. When dust mites, microorganisms, and other particles stay on your floors, they contaminate the air, causing airborne allergies and other illnesses. But because wood flooring does not harbor these particles, your family can enjoy fresher and cleaner air.

Hardwood is a Sustainable and Natural Product 

Compared to carpets which are made from synthetic and toxic materials that can be dangerous to the environment and leaves harsh and toxic residues that may affect the health of your family, hardwood is an environmentally friendly and natural product that entails chemical air emissions that are very low. They are also very sustainable as they can be refinished rather than replaced ultimately.

Wooden Floors provides surprising health benefits for you and your family and is a very sustainable product. Start building a healthier and sustainable home by checking us out in Nordic Homeworx, we are one of the top wood flooring companies in Dubai that provides a wide portfolio of choices for your flooring needs at top quality and affordable prices that gives the right value for your money.

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