Sustainable Flooring: Discover The Top 5 Choices Amongst A Variety Of Eco-Friendly Wooden Floors

January 1, 2021

If you are looking for a home renovation or a new look at your commercial place, updating the flooring is the finest decision you can make. The choice will create a more significant impact on your space, along with an upgraded appearance. Once you visit a wood flooring company in Dubai, you will see various timber species options to choose from with your space. Hence, this article will guide you on the top 5 choices of eco-friendly wooden floor types to make your decision easier. 

Reclaimed Maple Wood

Coming from old sources of wood, the retrieval process of these planks requires more time and labor to bring them back to the best state. This wood flooring enhances the richness and brightness of the premises. The ready-made natural attributes such as knots and weather checking offers the most natural look to your space.

Antique Oak Textures

While considering the eco-friendly factors to your home flooring, it is also essential to ensure that your flooring option matches with the other requirements of its installation. This attractive wood grain has multiple benefits such as good water resistivity, high durability, less likeness to warp, and much more. 

Selecting an old wood type is a wise eco-friendly choice, and the antique oak comes with naturally distressed characters where you can even go for a more milled grade for a smoother look.

Multi-Layer Walnut

The dark lustrous walnut tones with striking grain patterns are one of the most sustainable wood planks available in home flooring. A parquetry pattern with this timber will elevate your space to a more luxury standard.

The physical characteristics of the heartwood can vary from rich brown hues to chocolate colors. You can also select a combo with contrasting shades for a unique appearance.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is better than solid wood flooring as they use wood species like pine, which are fast-growing as the underneath layer of timber. The flooring type also has multiple other benefits apart from being eco-friendly, and some of them are high resistivity, minimal warps, easy maintenance, etc.

Many wood species like oak, maple, cherry, teak, walnut can be used in this flooring type. You can select the desired thickness according to your preference.

Famous Parquetry Styles

Parquetry is considered the most sustainable floor wood type with its ability to get refinished and restored many times. These rectangular pieces of blocks can be arranged in different styles and patterns, and the techniques can also benefit from options like making the narrow spaces to appear more prominent.

Dutch, herringbone, and chevron are the top most parquetry patterns that never go out of style. A wide range of wood species can be used in this particular home flooring type as per your preference.

With these food flooring types, you can acquire the most from the timber while being in the eco-friendly line. The quality wood will ensure the sustainability of your floor for the years to come. At Nordic Homeworx, the best wood flooring company Dubai, multi-layer construction is used to achieve higher stability and durability. The pinewood used in the engineered wood flooring will make your wooden floor selection into the eco-friendly category using timber in the most environment-friendly manner. To know more about wooden flooring, contact us now and get you a consultation from our highly skilled team of professionals.

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