June 18, 2019

In mid-June, school is out and nature has burst into life. It seems like the sun never sets. In fact, in the north of Sweden it doesn’t, and in the south only for an hour or two. Though the country might not have an official religion, summer is worshipped as if it was one. The winters seem cold and dark, but the long summer days are well worth the wait!

Summer in Sweden is all about celebrating the light and warmth after a long, dark winter. Nature has flourished and in most of the country, people stay outdoors well into the night; spending time relaxing in their summer cottages on the countryside; and chatting in parks and outdoor cafés as the sun barely dips below the horizon.

Inspired by the magical Swedish summer, Oak Vista by Kährs Småland Collection has a misty-white stain and lively texture that is a perfect representation of a season best known for slowing down, feeling harmonious and spending time in the rugged Swedish nature.


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