The Essential Elements Of Country Style Homes

June 7, 2022

Country homes are known for the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds them along with their inviting interiors. This is why the country style has always been always a go-to design for those wanting to be embraced by a hospitable warmth in their living spaces, making use of down-to-earth and charming interiors for a more homey feel. With the right tools and decors, it is now possible to achieve that indoor look without having to move to the countryside. Read along and learn about the essential elements of country style homes to find out how.

Distressed Textures

Country style homes usually give off a nostalgic vibe, bringing us back to the times where we’d play along in the kitchen of our grandparents’ old home. In order to achieve a similar look, distressed textures in paints, furniture, and accents are often resorted to. This gives an indoor space a classic element that makes the natural wear-and-tear of materials much more charming. To this end, peeling and chipping cabinets, walls, and windows are often used sparingly, mixed together with the right shades of paint and curtains in order to give balance between old and new elements for a subtle, yet enhanced beauty.

Vintage Pieces

The unique quality of vintage pieces is something that is unparalleled. Its well-worn surface and rich design give it character, adding much more charm to a country style home, especially if they have a story to tell. With this kind of décor, your living space will surely bring you back home as you incorporate pieces of your childhood in your interior, or even allow you to create the home of your dreams as a child by adding your then-favorite things.

Natural Elements

Adding natural elements in a country style home, like indoor plants and picked flowers in vases, will make it more appealing and alive. Not only do they play a role in the circulation of air, but they can also be used as accent pieces to soften distressed textures and the overall interior, creating a more welcoming atmosphere.

In choosing the right plant for your indoor area, first make sure that they thrive in moderate to bright indirect sunlight. Putting them near a vintage-looking window is also best to create a harmonious balance between home and nature, as what classic country homes usually do.

Weathered Wood

The earliest country style homes were built by American homesteaders, constructing them using locally sourced materials, such as wood. With this,weathered wood has always been used in country style interior décor, usually in the form of wood flooring and siding. This gives the room a warm, earthy feel, especially when blended with warm and subtle colors.

Wood Flooring for a Country Style Home

If you are looking to finally embrace a timeless, traditional, and cozy home through country style interior décor, source out your wood flooring from a company that knows how to

harmonize it with your wall paints and accents. Check out the portfolio of Nordic Homeworx, a company that specializes in wood flooring in Dubai, to find out more.

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