Timeless Style: Unveil The Best Wooden Floor Options That Come With Cool Undertones

April 15, 2021

Timeless Style: Unveil The Best Wooden Floor Options That Come With Cool Undertones

The hardwood’s beauty can add warmth, unique, modern, and elegant look to the premises. The proper selection of wooden flooring can add timeless beauty to your home or office space. This article will unveil the best wooden floor options that come with cool undertones for your reference.

White Oak Floors

When it comes to wood flooring, Oak is the most used timber type. The characteristics of this wood can be used in both traditional and modern textures. The wooden planks consist of hues that can adapt with a range of designs from calm to expressive. Whitewashed oak white oak floors become prominent here with their cool undertones. They can provide a minimalist yet elegant look to your premises.

Maple Wood

Maple wood is famous for its calm and even shades. The light natural finish and the clean surface can add a rich look to your space. The subtle grain patterns of these planks can bring great consistency to your floor. Apart from its beautiful look, maple is known for its rugged nature with a high resistance to wear or tear.

Birch Flooring

This Scandinavian wood is known for its calm and relaxed tone. The characteristics of light hue with varied grain patterns enhance the natural look of timber. It can also bring brightness and warmth to your home while making a more relaxing surrounding. The planks can turn into darker and golden tones over time.

Ash Floors

You can choose from a color variation from pale white to light, medium brown if you select ash wooden planks as your flooring option. The wide variety of shades and undertones can bring lively patterns to the ground. The timeless beauty of ash floors can further enhance its look by changing to a more warm golden tone with time.

Cool Brown Walnut

Walnut is an excellent timber to get perfect undertones. You can opt for whitewashing options to get calmer and lighter shades of brown. The planks can be polished to a very smooth finish. Apart from its vibrant and rich look, walnut is known for its strength and durability. The features make it ideal for any area of your home or commercial place.

Wood Parquet

When it comes to the timeless beauty and wooden textures, parquetry styles have been dominant for decades. The ultra-rich designs of wood parquetry are used as a sign to show off luxuriousness. Adding a parquetry style like Dutch, Chevron, or Herringbone to your premises can automatically upscale your home environment to a rich ambiance.

How To Select The Right Undertone

It is vital to find the perfect balance between the shades to select the right undertone for your premises. All these wood species have a wide range of tones, and you can choose the most suitable one for your home. Picking the correct undertone can change the atmosphere of the entire room into more contemporary and elegant décor.

Once you select the hardwood species to your floor, check out all the shades available for that specific wood type. This will help you understand the color variation of your selected timber and opt for the right undertone that matches your home decorations.

At Nordic Homeworx, you can explore a vast range of wood species and shades and choose the best wooden planks for your space. Our team will further help you select the right tone, wood type, width, and finishing to outbring top-notch flooring to your premises.

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