September 19, 2013

Last weekend we had the pleasure of taking pictures of this cozy bungalow-style Green Community villa owned by a lovely Turkish family. It is always a pleasure to see a beautiful wood floor such as Kährs Crater Oak in a real family home. The wood flooring itself is very interesting. Not only is it smoked with lots of knots and gnarls but it is also handscraped, giving the floor that ultimate rustic feel that feels heavenly underfoot. Even the family cat loves it.

The first thought that came to mind when we entered the home was: Orient Express and its glory-days. With classic European-style wallpapers and panelling, old antiquities, rustic furniture and beautifully aged Turkish leather and textiles (including the two beautiful floor-cushions which were originally a couple of 100-year old carpets), this home exemplifies East-meets-West.

Along with a large dose of that well-known Turkish hospitality from the owner, we really felt that this home really is just that – hospitable and cozy. A real home.

To view more images of this home, please click here.

Images by Studio Zee for Nordic Homeworx

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