Uncover The True Beauty Of Your Kitchen With Patterned Parquet Floors

January 22, 2021

The famous parquetry style is used in flooring by combining small wood pieces in different geometric patterns. Numerous shades of wood enhance the overall look of this flooring with colors and other subtle features. Although you can use parquet patterns in any part of your house, it can especially be used in the kitchen area to make an impact. The easy to clean factors and durability of these styles are a few added benefits that come with the sophisticated look. Discover the parquet flooring that you can use on your kitchen floor and uncover the true beauty of your cookhouse.

Why Is Parquetry  Ideal For Kitchen?

The unique parquet designs with tropical hardwoods like Oak, Walnut, Maple, and so many other wood species work well with kitchen areas.  You can use your floor pattern color dissimilar to that of the pantry for a unique contrasting look.

These styles can also provide your home kitchen an industrial touch with the correct tones and wood planks.  A classic chevron or herringbone pattern can replicate the high quality work of the kitchen installation.

Not only dark tones,  whitewashed and lighter shades can also decorate this area in style. If your kitchen does not get adequate sunlight, lighter tones can increase the brightness by reflecting the natural and artificial light sources.

Dark-Stained Parquet Floors

These deeply rich, dark color floors are ideal for your kitchen, with their shade making you less worried about the possible stains that commonly occur in the kitchen area. These black exotic wood floorings are suitable for high traffic areas like the cooking place with their ability to adapt to the dents and scratches.

Lighter-Toned Patterns

Your kitchen is the place with most of the equipment and may look duller and smaller due to the full of occupants. Wood planks with lighter tones can help here as these whitewashed surfaces can add brightness to your floor while making the area look more spacious.

Famous Herringbone Design

When it comes to wood parquet patterns, herringbone is on the top list with its iconic look. The name of parquetry came due to the similarity of the herring fish skeleton structure. The blocks of rectangles and parallelograms are arranged in 2:1 or 3:1 ratio in this style of parquetry. With herringbone, you can create a stellar design for your kitchen flooring and upgrade its look.

Timeless Grey Tones

Wood flooring and grey tones have always been together with the versatility of this hue to match with any space type. A medium toned grey can complement any style of kitchen and bring everything from relaxed to upscale. 

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, ensure the makeover will look magnificent with these parquetry patterns. For more impressive and unique effects, try to mix up the colors, grains, and finishes of your wood flooring process. With the correct tones and shades, you will be the owner of a restaurant looking kitchen in no time. At Nordic Homeworx, you can find these latest parquetry styles and shades of flooring in Dubai. Our experts will help you with selecting the right thickness, color, and other features to obtain the dreamy kitchen you desire.

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