Uncover Various Flooring Patterns That Go Well With The Lighting Fixtures Of Your Home

December 15, 2020

With the vast range of shades, tones, and textures available in the engineered wood flooring category, the decision to select the perfect choice of wood can be overwhelming.  The flooring options should blend with the rest of the additions to your space, and hence it is ideal to think of areas that majorly contribute to complementing your wood planks. 

Lighting plays a significant role in this, and a perfect blend of light and selection of appropriate lighting fixtures is essential to uplift the look of your wooden flooring. This article will help uncover various patterns that go well with your lighting fixtures of home or commercial place for your benefit.

Flourish Parquetry With Chandeliers

These tiny pieces of wood assembled in different patterns depicts its luxuriousness and elegance. Parquetry was a sign of richness where only the wealthy and royalty could afford the flooring back in the days. The popular parquetry types of Dutch, chevron, and herringbone can be seen on many premises nowadays to embrace the richness it resembles over time.

The pattern is also used in a way to showcase an inbuilt rug in the flooring texture. The structure can get along with a magnificent chandelier to multiply its lavishness. A branched lighting fixture suspended from the ceiling can also help magnify the beauty of your wooden flooring.

Ambient Lightings For Modern Straight Patterns

Most people tend to use engineered wood flooring in straight patterns, and the planks are usually installed parallel to the longest wall of the room. The contemporary look also helps a narrow space appear larger than the actual size giving a spacious feel to the area.

If your house consists of ambient lights, straight patterns are a perfect choice to create a soft glow throughout the space. You can also add floor lamps for a more sophisticated look. Shades of oak, ash, cherry can be used for your wood flooring to complement your preferred choice of lighting.

Passing Along The Hallways

Diagonal wood flooring patterns are often used in corridors or hallways in darker shades of timber amongst other wood types. The patterns are also furnished with surface treatments of lacquer or oil for an enhanced look. Wall lamps and ceiling lightings are good choices for these areas, and the light from the fixtures blends well with the polished-look of the wooden floor. 

Commercial Floor Patterns With Recessed Lights

Straight, diagonal, and even random patterns are often a good fit for office premises as these floors provide a welcoming environment for visitors and employees alike. Whitewashed tones from wood species like ash, beech, and lighter shades of oak are often used to furnish spaces in commercial places.

Recessed lights can be seen in most commercial and retail places as the multiple layers suspended from the ceiling offers even lighting to the floor and flourish the area with a cozy ambiance. Apart from these, you can use dimmable, vintage, and even sconce lights that go with the selected flooring pattern to obtain an optimal look for your premises. 

If you are reinstalling the floors of your house, ensure to select wooden planks according to the existing lighting fixtures to obtain optimal results from your renovation. You can ask for recommendations from the professionals in the industry by visiting Nordic Homeworx and browse through the latest wood floorings that the world has to offer. 

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