Warm, Honey Tones: Achieve The Cozy And Spacious Look With This New Trend

February 9, 2021

Keeping your space updated with trends will not only make it more stylish but will also give an added value to your property. People often look for the latest styles when they do new constructions or plan to renovate. Commercial or home flooring Dubai takes prominence here as it takes the most of your space and is the highlighting feature that brings elegance to your premises.

Wooden flooring is the finest choice that everyone prefers to have for their floors, and these wood planks come in different styles, textures, and tones. The trending colors always change from time to time, highlighting the benefiting features apart from the cozy appearance. This article discusses the latest wooden flooring tones that come with the complexions of warm and honey colors and how they can benefit your premises with a cozy and spacious look.

Vibrants Of Natural Oak

Oak is the most popular timber species in the wooden floor industry with its charming color shades and other features like high resistance, durability, and cost-efficiency. The lively shades of natural oak can bring warmth to your indoors, increasing the brightness and liveliness of your floor.

You can also try warm and washed undertones of oak for a calmer expression to your flooring. A single strip oak floor can bring a classic full plank look with the tones of the natural grain. For a greater finish, you can use an ultra-matte lacquer to your wood flooring, enhancing the premium look for your flooring.

Elite Looking Honey And Blonde

A choice of maple timber is ideal for contemporary spaces as it can enhance the natural finish and clean look to the surface. The honey tones will highlight the characters of the wood, giving a more authentic look to the nature of the timber. Once you visit a home flooring company Dubai you will be able to explore the wide range of textures and features of these wood species and select the best that fits your premises.

The trendy look of blonde wooden floors can give your space a beautiful, clean, and exposed look. The colors are ideal for showing narrow spaces appear bigger and for low ceiling areas. Blonde tones can easily blend with your home furniture and upholstery and give you a wide range of choices for the rest of your interior decision. A wide range of timber species like oak, maple, and teak can bring the perfect blonde color with a relaxing and open look to your space.

The latest trends of honey tones can make premises look more spacious, open along with the brightness. The liveliness of the atmosphere will automatically bring energy inside to your indoors. At Nordic Homeworx, you can select a wide range of these warm honey tones and choose the best option while considering other factors like thickness, plank size, and grain of your selected timber. The skilled team of the best commercial, residential, and apartment flooring company Dubai is happy to help and make your flooring choice the best and easier.

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