Welcoming Nature – How To Add The Warmth of Wood to Your Home

May 23, 2020

When creating a master plan for your home, your floors play a big part in this decision process as they can truly transform the look of your space in an incredible way. The warmth that wooden floors can offer to a space can be taken advantage of and used in the right way depending on the kind of style and feel you want your home to achieve. All of these factors have been detailed below to have you well informed before taking such an important decision for your home. 


When it comes to selecting a wood color with the main objective to have it enhance the warmth in your home, particular colors can help you achieve that goal better. Wood colors are divided on the basis of the tones that they are available in and fall into the main categories of white, light, grey, medium, mid-dark, and dark. Depending on the layout of your house and the light that enters the room through windows and doors, you can choose a color that will reflect light further. 

Although darker tones of wood colors are known to absorb more light than reflect it, when complemented well with the right kind of furniture, they can bring about a massive change to your personal space. As for a top-notch recommendation, it would be wise to stick to white, light, medium and mid-dark tones of wooden flooring as these will help you achieve the optimal amount of warmth in your home regardless of the existing interiors and infrastructure. 

Surface Treatment 

Another factor that can influence the warmth of your space is the surface treatment that the wood receives prior to installation. The main distinction in treatment is the finish that the wood has at the end of the process. This can either be high-gloss, matt, oil, silk matt or ultra matt in lacquer. For homes that need a warmer tone and overall look, matt finishes are best suited to fit this style as they will not overly reflect a lot of light, unlike the glossy floor finish. 

This will allow the floors to complement any decor and furniture in a better way while owning a subtle appearance for itself. Oiled wooden floors are also a good choice as they have the right amount of brightness and reflect light sufficiently without looking too bold. Therefore, it can place well within the warm theme that you are planning to accomplish for your home.  

Wood Species

There is a grand variety of wood species present that can produce a range of textures and finish in wooden flooring. But when it comes to warm tones, mahogany and cherry outdo the others for their grain and structure. The ones that have yellow or red undertones are classified well into the warm theme for wooden installations. 

If you are interested in different grain textures, you can definitely have the same red undertone in other wood species such as walnut, jarrah and even birch that are dyed for such preferences. These are also readily available in the market for your purchase.

These three factors, in particular, can be of optimal importance when establishing the warm tone theme in your home especially when it comes to wood flooring. To ensure that you are making the right decision that matches well with your needs, requirements, and specifications, using the professional advice of experts can be of much help. Our team at Nordic Homeworx can guide you through this selection process and assure you of a perfect first choice at our showroom. 

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