What Are The Top Hardwood Flooring Trends To Watch Out For In 2023?

January 21, 2023

Although there are many other flooring options, few have the long-lasting sturdiness and widespread popularity of hardwood floors. Solid hardwood flooring has a timeless beauty and durability that enable it to perform well in almost any environment, from industrial to residential. Additionally, natural wood gives interior spaces a cozy and natural vibe that encourages relaxation and tranquility.

Multiple hardwood flooring styles emerged last year. It includes flooring shades and patterns intended to be more durable, so you can be confident that the wood flooring you lay will still be attractive ten years from now.

To acquire ideas for your home improvement project, discover these hardwood flooring trends for 2023! You can find inspiration from these hardwood flooring trends before deciding what to use for your home interior.

Natural Shades

The prominence of the minimalist style is still spreading, and choosing the perfect flooring is not an exception. Homeowners prefer natural shades that complement well with areas around the home. These natural hues produce a peaceful ambiance that provides warmth and comfort in the new year.

White oak is one type of hardwood that is well-liked because of its practicality and flexibility. Since it is water-resistant and has soft undertones, it adds a pleasant warmth to various spaces, which appeals to homeowners and entrepreneurs.

Smokey Wood Finishes

Smokey gray wood finishes will be taking over the world of interior design this 2023. Solid hardwood flooring with smoky tones creates more drama and personality. This floor color has a distinctive appearance that is remarkably captivating. A smokey wooden floor retains the familiar warm undertone of hardwood flooring but incorporates a modern, rustic appearance.

Almost any wood species can undergo the process of achieving a smokey finish. These hardwoods acquire their color naturally, and staining is not necessary. Ammonia is discharged into the air while the wood planks are within a chamber. The ammonium causes the changing shade of the wooden planks. Overall, the procedure provides the wood with a darker tone and brings out the wood’s unique grain.

Whitewashed Tones

A wide, smooth, light-colored hardwood floor is the most ideal for modern areas. As they age, hardwoods turn darker and acquire a matte finish. However, a whitewashed floor takes on a completely fresh appearance that is perfect for 2023.

Light wood tones add brightness to a room, while whitewashed wood undertones give a space a laidback, rustic feel. Whitewashing preserves the natural wood grain while giving wood a lighter appearance. Additionally, these floorboards will benefit from showing less dirt, making them easier to maintain.

Rustic Wood Floors

Wood textures are becoming a thing in 2023, not just color shades – and there are a lot of appeals to rustic wooden floors. They make the guests feel at ease by reminding them of nature and they have ethically sourced materials and textures.

You may style rustic flooring in numerous ways. In emphasizing texture, the floors may be wire brushed or hand-scraped, or they may be created of recycled materials previously used as something else. Particularly on reclaimed flooring, nail holes, cutting traces, and varnish give the floor character and uniqueness.

Sustainable Wood Flooring

Consumers are turning more toward making sustainable product choices as they become more conscious of their environmental impact. Reclaimed wood flooring is one way to ensure the flooring choice is sustainable. The woods used for this flooring type is reclaimed from old stables and structures, making it the ideal choice for those who want to start becoming eco-friendly this 2023.

Reclaimed wood has a distinctive charm and includes elements like natural weathering that give each plank a distinctive appearance. It provides this flooring option with a unique backstory, in addition to it being the most sustainable choice.

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