Which Wood Floor Type Is Best For Your Space?

March 21, 2022

Wood floorings have always been a timeless classic. Aside from its durability, it gives spaces a touch of elegance, luxury, and a bit of warmth. They can also match any color or style, making them a perfect flooring option for almost any décor scheme. With many options available, it may be difficult for people to distinguish between a good and perfect match. 

In this article, we’ll help you determine what the best wood flooring type is best for your space.

Choosing A Wood Flooring Type

There are generally two types of wood flooring: hardwood and softwood. Hardwood floors come from trees with slow growth, such as oak and ash, while softwood floors come from fast-growing trees like pine and cedar. In choosing between these two, you must consider this rule: the harder and more durable the wood is, the more expensive it becomes. 

Regardless of what type you pick between these two, you would still need to make a final choice as to class between solid wood and engineered wood flooring. 

Solid Wood Floorings

Solid wood floorings are composed of planks that are 1½ to 2½  inches thick and 4 to 8 inches wide and are derived from a single piece of wood. Because they are made of solid wood all the way through, each plank can be handcrafted and customized to your specifications, from the cut pattern to the finishing. The floors can also be sanded and refinished numerous times, and if properly maintained and cared for, they can last a lifetime.

However, solid wood is temperamental when it comes to moisture and humidity. It is therefore ideal to use this type of flooring only in places which are completely dry, such as in bedrooms, living rooms, libraries, and offices.

Engineered Wood Floorings

Engineered wood flooring is made from layers of high density fiberboard or plywood with a thin veneer of natural wood, making it susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. Because of its construction, engineered wood floorings can be installed in any place, including those where solid wood flooring can’t be. It is also much cheaper, since it uses less exotic hardwoods.

Despite its excellent construction, which makes it less prone to warping and swelling, it is still made of wood and thus not waterproof. Furthermore, because it only has a thin layer of natural wood veneer, it cannot be sanded and refinished as frequently as solid wood. At most, it can only be refinished once or twice in its lifetime.

Because engineered wood can withstand humidity and moisture, it can be installed anywhere from dry areas like bedrooms and living rooms to damp areas like basements and kitchens, but never in bathrooms because it is not waterproof.

So, what really is the best wood flooring for my space?

The best wood flooring type will always depend on what’s best for your situation, taking into consideration the function of your space.

To know more about the best wood flooring for your space, you may reach out to the consultants in Nordic Homeworx. They will be more than happy to assist you and answer your questions about floorings.

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