Why You Should Consider Red Oak Flooring For Your Home

August 7, 2022

Hardwood flooring is a no-brainer classic choice for most homeowners. It is a timeless option that instantly boosts the aesthetic value of your home. But among a variety of wood flooring designs to choose from, red oak flooring remains the top choice as it complements the value of elegance, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Given the abundance of choices for hardwood flooring designs, it can be confusing to understand all the alternatives. When searching for hardwood floors, you would want something that resists wear and tear constrain, and it should not be difficult to put together and install. And red oak wood floors have all you want in a hardwood floor.

To help you decide, here are the top 5 more reasons why you should consider red oak flooring for your home.

It’s Wear Resistance and Durable

The Janka scale measure assesses the ‘hardness’ of wood or its resistance to denting and damage, and the red oak scores 1290, which makes it far from the roughest but also far from the softest wood available. It shows that red oak strikes an ideal balance between surface longevity and ease of installation. While other hardwood floors are too hard or too soft, red oak wood meets halfway, making it incredibly durable and easy to put together.

It has a Natural Finish and Beauty in Color

Red oak hardwood floors have warm tones, which create an inviting atmosphere within your space. It has a classic appearance, with most wooden beams containing shades of reddish browns and creams. It is a good choice for your flooring needs because it stains very well, and its strong grains help conceal and minimize any scratches and scrapes that the wood may accumulate over time. Aside from its natural finish, if you want to experiment with the colors of the floorboards, you can ultimately do so, as customizing the flooring is easy and affordable.

It is Affordable and Readily Available

The cost of hardwood flooring varies due to supply and demand fluctuations. But red oak wood is a more affordable option. The average cost per square foot ranges between $2.50 and $7.00. This type of wood is readily available as red oak accounts for nearly half of all hardwood trees in most forests. This abundance is a huge benefit of red oak flooring, making it a great, low-cost option for improving your home.

Ease of Maintenance and Highly-Stain Friendly

Red oak hardwood floor has a natural grain appearance making it easy to polish. Because of its heavy grain properties, smudges and scrapes on the floors also fade quickly. The grain pattern of red oak wood ranges from mild to hard, which enables it to be easily distinguished from other types of wood. The wood comes in a wide range of shades spanning from light to dark, but choosing the darker tone is advisable as it is more stain-resistant. It also has a glossy finish that prevents stains.

It is Highly-Sustainable

Red oak wood is a highly-sustainable material because of its rapid maturation and adaptability. Given that it is abundant in most forests, this type of wood grows faster, easily replacing those similar oak wood trees. It is also an environmentally sustainable resource because it is harvested legally from authorized sectors.

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