Wood Floor Care

July 28, 2023

With the right care, your Kahrs wood flooring can stay just as fresh for many years. We are pleased to provide after-sale support for your wood floors, which includes both expert cleaning and maintenance services. The longevity and low maintenance requirements of Kährs Wood and Luxury Tile flooring are only two of their many benefits that they are renowned for.

However, similar to many other items, floors need regular upkeep. The frequency of floor maintenance is subject to variables such as usage, cleanliness, sunlight exposure, etc. An extra sturdy, moisture-resistant, and simple-to-clean surface is the result of more regular maintenance in the first year.

The normal frequency of subsequent maintenance is at least once/twice a year. Remember that areas subjected to greater wear than the rest of the floor can be given localized maintenance. The higher the frequency, the better the results.

Wood is a living material. It is important to take factors such as ambient air humidity, temperature, and cleaning routine into consideration to keep your wood floor looking beautiful. To retain the original durability and beautiful appearance, Kährs wood floors can be easily maintained with a simple cleaning routine using the following signature cleaning products.

Maintenance Products by Kährs

There is a wide selection of maintenance supplies available from Kährs. Hardwood floors will last even longer and look better with regular cleaning and polishing. The original products offered by Kährs are, without a doubt, the most effective ones for your hardwood flooring in Dubai.

Kährs Cleaner Concentrate


This is an effective product specially formulated for cleaning wood and vinyl floors. It does not contain any organic solvents or pigments.

Kährs Spray Cleaner


This is a cleaner that is designed for use and is intended to be applied using a Kährs mop. This is a product that is efficient, safe for the environment, and specifically created for the purpose of cleaning all Kährs flooring.

Kährs Antimicrobial Cleaner


This has both cleaning and disinfectant properties for all surfaces that can withstand water. Antimicrobial Cleaner contains a mild scent for sensitive people, making it suitable for both domestic and commercial use. The product has disinfection properties and is non-hazardous to your health and the environment.

Kährs Spray Mop Kit


This handy tool makes mopping effortless, allowing you to easily clean your floors. Kährs Spray Mop Kit contains 1x Kährs Spray Mop, 3x Kährs Microfibre Pads, 1x Kährs Cleaner Spray Refill (1L).

If you’d like to purchase any Kährs Maintenance products or services, call us at +971 4 369 55 69 or email to care@nordichomeworx.com.

Tips to Keep Humidity Between 40-60% and Avoid Condensation

  • Keeping the temperature between 65 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit (18 and 24 degrees Celsius).

  • Have good airflow at all times. When air conditioners cool, they take water out of the air. If you need to, you can also use fans and dehumidifiers.

  • Use air fans when you cook or take a shower.

  • Reduce the amount of water that comes into your home.

  • Watch out for lines, faucets, cracks, walls, and roofs that leak.

  • Fix any leaks right away, and make sure to check on your house often.

  • Always clean the floor in the same direction as the wood grain to keep dirt from getting stuck in the grains.

  • Use dry methods, like sweeping or a mini mop, to clean your home every day.

  • Use Kährs cleaning solutions always for the best results and performance.

  • Follow the guidelines carefully for how often and how to clean your wood floors.

  • Use the felt floor covers that come with the Kährs Floor Care Kit on your furniture and equipment. This helps a lot in avoiding scratches and dents.

  • Support heavy furniture and appliances with gliders or wheels that don’t scratch.

  • Slide furniture and equipment slowly across a mat or masonite floor with the smooth side down.

  • Place a high-quality doormat at the entry, and place area rugs in places with heavy foot traffic.

  • Maintain a regular inspection of your pet’s nails in order to reduce the risk of scratching the wood.

How Can You Tell If Your Humidity Levels Are High?

  • Fog and condensation build up on the windows.

  • Mold grows on the skirting, walls, floors, and ceilings where there is wetness.

  • Low humidity levels can be seen in things like more static electricity, wood that is dry and breaking, and paint that is flaking.

  • Use a digital or traditional hygrometer to measure the humidity.

Maintenance Before Going on Vacation

  • Set the air conditioners to about 26° Celsius to avoid using too much electricity and to protect your home from humidity and too much heat.

  • Turn down the water heater’s setting.

  • Turn off the water at the main shut-off valve.

Get Professional Help

Though DIY methods have their benefits, sometimes professional help is necessary to avoid expensive damages, repairs, or in worse cases, replacements. When it comes to maintaining your wood flooring in Dubai, turning to experts is always a reliable solution.

At Nordic Homeworx, our flooring consultants will happily provide you with the advice you need for your wood floor maintenance.

In addition, our skilled professionals are equipped with tested methods and equipment to ensure optimal results. From deep cleaning and refinishing to restoration services, they can preserve the beauty of your floors for longer, surpassing what DIY approaches might fail to cover.

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