Wood Flooring To Get Modern Rustic Interiors

May 28, 2022

A true classic will always be in style. Interior design trends come and go, but timeless design elements are always a wise investment.  Hardwood flooring has proven to be a permanent surface in our homes, and other flooring options have followed suit. Whatever shade or species of wood flooring you prefer, rustic flooring varieties will best showcase the true character of wood. Here are a few reasons why homeowners love rustic wood floors so much.


Rustic Wood Flooring’s Natural Beauty


Rustic refers to something that is rural and rugged. The finished floors and rooms with rustic wood flooring will transport you to the countryside, farms, and even the forests themselves. The grain, knots, rings, wormholes, and other markings found in natural wood are highlighted in rustic wood styles.


The Past and Rustic Flooring


Many rustic wood flooring styles have a reclaimed quality that highlights markings from the old buildings or structures they originate from, in addition to displaying the gorgeous age of the actual hardwood. 


Distressed wood flooring styles evoke the barns, farmhouses, and old factories that once stood tall in decades past, just as rustic wood character evokes the majestic trees that produced it. This nostalgic element represents a soothing connection to simpler times that many homeowners cherish as technology and innovation continue to shape our daily lives and interior design.


The Perfect Patina


Patina is the natural aging process of solid hardwood that results in a luster as a result of aging, wear, exposure to the sun, and oxidation. Rustic wood options capture this brilliant phenomenon, and hardwood lovers prize timeworn patina. Wood with a beautiful patina is achieved over time and appropriately cherished in the same way that fine wine is aged to perfection.


Rustic Wood Flooring Finishes


Distinct finishes are the name of the game in the world of rustic wood flooring. Distressing, hand-scraping, stains, and color washes are all possibilities when it comes to wood flooring. The finishes on farmhouse wood flooring are washed-out, weathered, or matte. While oiling and waxing provide a warmer feel to more natural wood flooring styles. Rustic wood flooring enthusiasts will adore any finish that adds character to the wood and gives it an antique appearance.


Beautiful Textures


Rustic flooring options provide homeowners with engaging textures as well as the unique ability to turn imperfections into perfect beauty marks. You don’t have to be concerned about scratches and dents developing over time; they will blend in with rustic and distressed wood flooring and add to the uniqueness of the floor. Manufacturers have given special consideration to enhanced rigid texture and patterns that don’t repeat as incredible luxury vinyl and laminate styles are produced to mimic real wood. Rustic wood flooring has a distinct texture that adds to its genuine appeal.

Solid hardwood flooring is long-lasting, and its beauty will last for generations. If you take proper care of your wood floor after installation, it can last several lifetimes. Whether you choose cabin grade red oak flooring, blonde maple hardwood flooring, character grade walnut flooring, or rustic flooring made from a variety of other hardwood species.

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