How Wooden Flooring Helps You To Keep Offices Clean

April 5, 2020

A wooden floor will bring both warmth to the interior of an office and add to its overall aesthetic appeal. Stepping out of an elevator onto a hardwood floor lobby that radiates elegance is just like a conference room completed with wooden flooring: It invokes a good impression on clients. Apart from being visually appealing and durable, wooden flooring delivers yet another important function and that’s protection against germs, bacteria and allergens. 

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Vexing Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is a popular option for commercial spaces because of its resilience and resistance against indentations and scratches. It also comes in many different colors and designs. Since most vinyl flooring is made of reprocessed plastic, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are released into the space increasing indoor air pollution. These toxins can lead to a range of health issues including respiratory problems and skin irritation. Don’t let the negative effects of your office flooring risk the health of your employees. 

Carpets Circulate Contaminants

While lush carpeting may feel good to walk on, over time it becomes home for allergens, dust, bacteria and other pollutants that negatively affect indoor air quality and become the source of several respiratory health problems down the road. Indoor allergens such as dust and pollen are air borne and can accumulate considerably on flooring, but because natural wood doesn’t have fibers to trap these substances it minimizes their accumulation.

Wood Is Good 

Wood flooring offers a style that is both versatile and can blend in with any type of office decor whether industrial, corporate or retro. Unlike homes, offices are professional spaces where heavy foot traffic is bound to result in extensive floor usage. In order to maximize on your flooring investment, your choice should be able to endure wear and tear over the course of the years, yet still remain sturdy and durable while looking beautiful. And this is where wooden floors make a seamless entry. With proper maintenance, natural wood floors can last a lifetime. If offices put in place effective maintenance measures to ensure that floors are cleaned consistently and properly, natural wooden floors are not only free from accumulations of bacteria and gems, but also the kind to shine brighter over time. 

All these benefits make wood flooring an attractive choice for office spaces, but the most important detail to factor in is that it improves surrounding air quality. Due to its hypo-allergenic nature, it prevents from attracting allergens like dust mites and mold and helps to create a safe indoor work environment.

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A large proportion of your day is spent in the office and you want to make sure that the air you are breathing is free from pollutants. Carpets and tiles can release specific contaminants to circulate in the air, which can cause a blocked nose and itchy eyes. Wooden flooring provides relief from such symptoms. Apart from improving indoor air quality, wood floors can last for decades, are easier to clean than tiles or carpets, offer pleasant natural odors and promise a timeless appeal.

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