How Your Wooden Flooring Will Survive Generations

May 9, 2020

When it comes to installing wooden floors in your home, it often feels like a commitment for a lifetime – as it can truly be. All your wood flooring installations can indeed survive generations when you take care of and maintain it in the right way. Irrespective of their color, texture as well as the finish, each type of wooden flooring can be preserved well. To ensure this, certain measures need to be taken well ahead of time when cleaning your wood floors. 

1. Using The Right Products

When it comes to cleaning the surface of wood, it is important to use cleaners and cleansers that do not damage its structural integrity. Using any cleaner that contains soap or similar agents can result in the floor being slippery and also requiring a possible use of water for complete removal. Such cleansers must be avoided at all costs so that your floors remain sturdy as well as balanced for long. Using cleaners that also have waxes and oils can definitely bring in a bright shine to the floors but will also result in the floors accumulating a lot of dust till the next clean. 

Furthermore, using them over time will result in a slow breakdown of the floors and will require a session of sanding as well as refinishing to restore its finish. A gentle and non-toxic formula is the perfect combination that is offered by a range of famous wood floor cleaners for your benefit. You can also consult your installation expert and learn about the optimal product that fits the color, tone as well as the finish of the flooring. 

2. Establishing A Cleaning Routine

Once you have your products down, the next step to determine is a cleaning regime that is important for the good maintenance of your floors. Cleaning products are an optimum choice of use over the recommended period of time mentioned on the bottle as your wood will then remain in a top-notch condition. 

For regular and daily basis use, a good vacuum cleaner that caters to wooden flooring is a good choice along with a soft cloth dry mop. This will remove the dust and debris that settle over the floors every day and keep the surface clean and tidy. If any liquid or food spills on the floor, it is vital to have it cleaned immediately with a soft cloth to avoid any staining, discoloration, and even irregularity to the surface of the floor. 

3. Taking Extra Care Where Needed

When bringing in furniture or even dragging it across rooms, the wood floors can definitely get scratches that will decrease its luster and diminish its look. To avoid this, it is best recommended to apply some protection covers such as an adhesive felt pad over the legs of the furniture that will make it easier as well as safe to glide the furniture across floors. 

If you are prone to change your interior decoration often and predict changes coming up all the time, it is advisable to install permanent gliders that will remain in place and make moving efficient for you and your floors. In addition to this, removing your shoes upon arrival in the house can be a great start to preserving your wooden installations. As high heels can impact the structure, and any type of shoes can drag along dirt, your floors are bound to experience unnecessary damage that can be easily avoided.

4. Incorporating The Right Decor

Purchasing a rug or two for your home is a perfect choice that can also further help your wooden flooring survive for a long time. Mats and runners, especially in the kitchen, will be a good addition as any water and cooking spills will not directly make contact with the floor and protect it from getting stains and other types of damages. A doormat can work wonders as your shoes will be cleaner and reduce possible wear and tear of the floor. Also placing a mat near any other door openings – be it to the patio, garden, balcony or your backyard is also a wise decision. 

Using these tips and recommendations can truly extend the life of your wooden floors and help them remain in their optimum condition for a very long time. If you are looking for advice concerning your specific floor type, getting in touch with an expert like our very own team at Nordic Homeworx is a perfect option.

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