5 Tips on How To Choose The Right Wallpaper To Match Wooden Flooring

January 7, 2022

Wallpaper became incredibly prevalent during the Victorian era and has become a staple in interior design. After seeing a momentary dip in the latter part of the 20th century, it has resurged and is a popular trend in the 2020s. One of the reasons homeowners and interior designers love it is because there is a wide variety of prints and textures available. This makes it easy to match wallpapers with other parts of the room and give the space your desired aesthetic. When trying to match wallpapers with wooden flooring, the following tips could help ensure you make a perfect selection. 

Pay attention to the wood colour.

Wooden flooring comes in a wide variety of colours, so to ensure your room is balanced colour wise and projects the right look, you need to keep in mind the colour of your floor. Dark flooring can make a room look constricting if paired with dark wallpapers. If you want the space to be more open, you need to opt for lighter coloured wallpaper.

Opt for motifs

One of the biggest benefits of wooden flooring is that it can work with various motifs. Whether you want floral or geometric patterns, you can easily pair them with wood. While plain wallpapers are elegant, you can increase the impact of the room by opting for motifs instead. 

Don’t combine bold prints with floors that have a lot of grain.

Balance is essential to a room. When too many designs overlap, it can upset the balance and make your room look messy and uninviting. Bold prints can be breathtaking to look at. They grab attention and make a room seem more energetic; however, it can be overwhelming when paired with wood flooring that has a lot of grain. The clashing wallpaper and wood flooring can make guests feel uneasy due to a sensory overload. 

Refrain from mixing too many textures

Textured wallpapers can be a great way to build the character of a room and capture the attention of guests. However, when working with wooden flooring, you need to opt for more subtle textures. As the wood itself contains texture, combining it with other design elements that are heavily textured could make the room unappealing to look at. There is beauty in subtlety, so opt for smooth wallpapers or those with a light texture. 

Consider contrast

Contrast is essential for a room as it makes the space look interesting and not uninspiring. When working with wood, you have a wide selection of colours for wallpapers that provide contrast. Darker stained woods can pair well with several light shades from lavender to cream and even sky blue. Lighter wood looks beautiful with rich dark tones such as navy blue, emerald green and even maroon. 

Wood is a highly versatile flooring option, so as long as you pay attention to the above, you are guaranteed to find the perfect wallpaper easily. For more information on wooden flooring and incorporating them correctly in interior design, contact our wood flooring company in Dubai, Nordic Homeworx. 


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