A Room’s Function, The Best Wood-Types For Different Environments

December 21, 2021

Wood is a broad term used to describe several types of hard, fibrous material sourced from the branches or trunk of a tree. Each type of wood has a distinct quality that makes it perfect for different rooms and environments in your home. For example, oak is ideal for wooden floors. Understanding the differences between the types of wood and what they are commonly used for will allow you to utilize them in your home in the most efficient way.


What are the different types of woods?

There are three main categories of wood. They are:


Softwood – Contrary to its name, wood under this category is not softer than hardwood. While certain hardwood varieties can be difficult to work with due to their rigidity, softwood is called as such because of its low density – it can take screws and nails more easily and is less likely to split. Softwood is wood derived from conifer trees that produce cones and needles. Examples include cedar, pine, and fir. 


Hardwood – This variety comes from trees that are commonly known as deciduous trees. These do not produce needles and cones but leaves and seeds. Many of the species under this category are known for their beautiful wood grain patterns. Examples include oak, teak, and mahogany. 


Engineered wood – Also known as composite wood, this type is manufactured and does not occur naturally. They are made with wood that is manipulated to possess certain features. To make composite wood, manufacturers typically use waste wood from sawmills. 


What is the best wood type for each room?


For furnishings, mahogany is considered one of the best options as it has a rich color, making it perfect for intimate spaces such as bedrooms. The wood is also durable and robust, so it is suitable for beds and seating. Other wood types include teak, which is long-lasting and resistant to termites and bugs, and rosewood which is popular for its beautiful red hue. While any hardwood is great for floors, our flooring company in dubai recommends oak as it is considered the best choice as it is long-lasting in areas with high footfall. 



When wood is used outdoors, you need to be cautious with the wood selection. Some varieties can be susceptible to weather conditions and humidity, resulting in mold. Acacia and cedar, which are moisture-resistant, are excellent choices for those living in tropical climates, as they are less likely to crack. Cypress is great for warmer environments as it gains attractive aesthetic features when exposed to sunlight. If durability is a concern, the best options will be teak and acacia, as they are very strong and long-lasting.


Living rooms

As living rooms experience high footfall, the wood selected in this area should be very durable. Hardwood options such as oak, walnut, and teak are both beautiful to behold and robust, making them an excellent choice for flooring. However, if cost is a concern, engineered wood can also be a good choice as it can provide the strength of hardwood for a lesser cost. For furnishings, mahogany can give an elegant vibe to the space, while rosewood is visually stunning. If you want strong furnishings, then maple can be a good choice.

Depending on the purpose of the wood, aesthetics and the room, the ideal wood type can change. Before making any purchases, you should do the relevant research. For more information on wooden flooring, contact us at Nordic Homeworx, our wood flooring company in Dubai.

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