When you choose a Kährs wood floor, you make a good environmental choice - both for the indoor environment and for our planet. Kährs has a history of dedicating themselves to finding the most environmental friendly ways of producing their floors. They call it Beauty with a conscience. By using wood - the greenest of all building materials - supporting the replanting of forests and showing consideration for the environment in every step of their processes, Kährs do their best to contribute to the well-being of future generations.

Wood floors keeps your feet warm on cool days and refreshingly cool on warm days, thanks to their natural cellar structures. Wood was designed by nature to be a great insulator with thousands of air chambers per cubic inch. In fact, wood offers seven times better insulation than ceramic tiles and is much warmer than plastic laminate or thin vinyl floors. Naturally.

Kährs offers hundreds of different styles of wood flooring – from 1-strip to 3-strip, from light to dark, made from different species and with various surface treatments. The ambition is to offer the most beautiful, innovative and functional wood floors in the world. It is also to continuously develop new technologies to make our floors even more sustainable.



Our history of green inventions includes creating the modern wood floor, the multi-layer parquet, in 1941. This method of construction allows the raw material to be utilized in a more environmental friendly way than solid wood floors, since the core material is crafted from fast-growing or recycled wood, which means that there is less of a drain on natural resources. Today, this is still the standard construction for the majority of wood floor manufacturers. Since wood is a natural material, it is affected by climatic changes, i.e. it swells in high humidity and shrinks in low humidity. Kährs’ multi-layered construction also minimizes this movement. It provides the correct balance between the layers – top, core and back – and ensures the floor remains stable in all conditions.



In 2000, Kährs was the first wood floor manufacturer to introduce a mechanical glue-less joint system: the ingenious Woodloc® joint, which revolutionized the wood flooring market allowing boards to be mechanically locked together, without using glue. Kährs also constantly strives to find the most environmental friendly stains and lacquers, free from solvents. And the floor surfaces are easy to clean and maintain without the use of strong chemicals.

Kährs has been environmentally and quality certifying its operations since the 1990's. They have also been publishing a transparent, audited EMAS Environmental report since 1997. Many of Kährs' products contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points on construction projects.