August 26, 2012

Ash is a strong, hard wood species, even harder than Oak. This wood species is pale in a typical Scandinavian way with fine, brown streaks and few discreet knots. It has a relatively long grain and ambers over the years. Ash is used to make tools, wood flooring and furniture. According to Norse mythology, Odin – Father of the Viking Gods – created the first man, Askr or Ask, from the wood of the Ash tree.

This Stockholm home below, styled by Lotta Agaton and photographed by Henrik Bonnevier, has a beautiful Ash floor that works perfectly with the monochromatic colour scheme of the home, tying all the elements together and making a very elegant, yet extremely cozy interior. Ash Sandvig by Kährs Sand Collection has a darker core in ash that creates fantastic patterns and makes this a very special product. The white matt lacquer surface treatment has a slight hint of grey tones which works beautifully with this particular colour scheme.

Images by Nordic Homeworx, Lotta Agaton and Trendenser 

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