The Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors: How to Clean Hardwood Floors Like a Pro

January 14, 2024

Hardwood floors can be a stunning addition to any home, but it’s important to keep them clean if you want to maintain their beauty and keep them in good condition. Not cleaning them properly can lead to scratches, stains, or warped floors. And you definitely wouldn’t want that on your precious floors.

But worry not, because with the right materials and methods, you can keep your hardwood floors looking as good as new! So, what are the best ways to clean hardwood floors? Here’s how to clean hardwood floors like a pro.

Sweeping and Dusting Your Hardwood Floors Daily

Dry cleaning is the best way to clean hardwood floors, and this involves sweeping and dusting your floors daily. It may seem old-fashioned, but sweeping your floors daily will keep dirt, dust, and crumbs away.

Start by sweeping with a broom, and then follow up with a dust mop for any remaining dirt. This will help keep your floors clean and prevent your floors from getting scratched. Don’t forget to include cleaning dirt under rugs as well.

Vacuuming Your Hardwood Floors Regularly

Even if you’re sweeping or dusting daily, there might still be some dirt left, and vacuuming can be the best way to get rid of them. Vacuuming your hardwood floors once a week is highly recommended to keep them clean.

Vacuuming is an effective cleaning method where you can get rid of dirt or dust particles from every corner of your house. It can remove anything that sweeping may leave behind. So, make sure not to overlook hard-to-reach areas, like underneath the bed or couch. With vacuuming, you’ll be able to remove dirt even from those areas.

When Deep Cleaning Hardwood Floors

When Deep Cleaning Hardwood Floors

When there is dirt, grime, or anything else that can’t be swept or vacuumed, it’s time for some deep cleaning on your hardwood floors.

However, when deep cleaning, don’t grab a bucket of water and use a sopping-wet mop. You do not want to apply excess water as this can cause damage to your hardwood floors.

Mopping should be fine, as long as it is done correctly. Use a damp mop and don’t over-wet the floor. Excessive moisture can lead to damaged floors, so always use a damp mop, not one that is soaking wet.

Additionally, let your hardwood floors dry completely after mopping. Turning on ceiling fans or a circulating fan can definitely help speed up the drying time.

Don’t Ignore Spills, Wipe Them All Away Immediately

Spills are bound to happen in every household, but if you want to keep your hardwood floors looking good, you need to clean them up immediately. This is especially important if what was spilled was something dark or anything that can leave stains that would be difficult to remove.

Don’t let these spills dry up on the floor. That will just attract more dirt and make your hardwood floors look dull. Use a paper towel or dry or slightly damp cloth and wipe all that mess up.

Use the Right Cleaning Products for Your Hardwood Floors

If you want to keep your hardwood floors looking clean and beautiful, it’s important to use the right cleaning products.

To keep your floors in good condition, we recommend using the Kährs Cleaner. It’s specially formulated for cleaning wood floors and is great for regular daily cleaning. To use the product, just mix it with water and apply it with a mop.

If you prefer a ready-to-use solution, then the Kährs Spray Cleaner is perfect for you. You can either spray the cleaner directly on the floor or the mop, whichever works best for you.

It takes a lot of effort to clean and take good care of your hardwood floors, and these products will certainly help you. With these great products, you’ll be able to keep your floors clean and looking amazing every day!

Maintaining Hardwood Floors: Other Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean

Maintaining Hardwood Floors

To keep your hardwood floors in good condition and reduce hardwood floor cleaning time, you may consider the following:

Consider Implementing a “No Shoes Inside” Policy

Shoes bring a lot of dirt, and if you wear outdoor footwear inside your home, it can cause dirt to spread. Additionally, shoes like heels can also cause scratches. To avoid all of these things, it’s best to implement a “no shoes inside” policy in your household.

You can have a cupboard or a shoe rack by the door for all your shoes. Also, putting doormats outside the entrance doors is a good idea to save your floors from dirt.

Do These When Dealing with Furniture

To keep your hardwood floors in good condition, make sure that when you’re moving furniture or heavy objects, you don’t drag them. Instead, you should carry or lift them up. By doing so, you can prevent scratches and dents to your hardwood floors.

Additionally, consider using furniture pads on all the legs of your furniture. They can further prevent damage to your hardwood floors.

Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Excessive Sunlight

Your beautiful wooden floors can be damaged by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Too much direct sun can cause them to lose their natural color and become dull.

To prevent sun damage to your wood floors, you can utilize window treatments. Use blinds, curtains, shades, or other window coverings to keep the sunlight away from your home and wooden floors.

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You can definitely keep your hardwood floors clean by following the tips mentioned above. However, if your floors have excessive dents, scratches, or water damage, or if you need more flooring advice, it may be time to seek professional services.

Our flooring consultants at Nordic Homeworx will happily assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We can advise you about cleaning techniques and find the right flooring and solution to meet your preferences and needs.

Got any more questions on the best way to clean hardwood floors? Need flooring advice? Contact us today!

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