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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of the versatile and fun objects is the IKEA Frosta stool made out of birch plywood. It can be used for anything from seating to storage to a fully-functional transportation device. I even have a pair that I use as bedside tables.

Yes, it is strikingly similar to Artek’s classic Stool 60, but at AED 39.00 per piece, this stool can definitely become a fun DIY project and be converted/remade in a series of ways at a really affordable price.

If for example you simply want to “pimp” the stool to make it a personalised contemporary piece of furniture, you can simply do so with the help of a little bit of paint and a roll of masking tape. Here are a couple of great examples, as shown by Trendenser:


Another great idea is a little bit more complex, but totally cool and fun for kids: a dandy horse! Known as the forerunner to the bicycle (sans pedals), a dandy horse is a really fun toy and transportation device that kids love. Here’s a great DIY tutorial by Instructables (full instructions here), using two Frosta stools:




In light of celebrating 80 years of existence for Alvar Aaltos “Stool 60”, Finnish furniture company Artek has collaborated with designer Nao Tamura to produce a special design for the iconic 3-legged birch stool.

Here is a beautiful description for the stool’s special celebratory design by the designer:

“Contained within a single tree is its unabridged chronicle Year by year, never skipping a beat, it records its history slowly. Some lines speak of seasons of plenty, while others cry of famine. The size of the rings are never the same. Each engraving bears witness to battles waged in the name of survival. To observe such is to humble ourselves to nature’s love of life.

This celebration was created by layering upon the chair’s beautiful geometric shape, a complex and organic graphic of life. My hope is that the Artek “Stool 60” will evoke the bounty of nature as seen by the passage of 80 years of time.”

– Nao Tamura

Artek Stool 60: Alvar Aalto

Year: 2012



Images by Artek and Nao Tamura




This incredibly cute and unique birch stool is a simple and fun DIY project. Follow the guide below to find out how you can turn a simple IKEA stool into a fun piece of art. Completely customizable to your own liking!


– stool (e.g. IKEA’s FROSTA stool)
– masking tape
– acrylic paint
– varnish
– power drill + 1/4 drill bit for wood
– wool in 4 different colors
– large-eye needle that will fit your wool
– paper and a printer



1. Print out this cross-stitch flower pattern (you can click on the link to view then print, or right click to save the file to your computer).
2. Tape the pattern to the top part of the stool so it won’t move. Using a push pin or other needle through the paper, mark each corner of the Xs on the pattern – it will show you where you have to drill holes.
3. Drill holes with your power drill where you made the tiny marks. As you’re drilling, make sure to avoid any screws that are already in the stool to hold the legs. Do so by drilling sideways into the wood whenever a hole is meant to be direcly above a screw. Dust off the stool so that it’s clean for the painting part.
4. Use masking tape to cover that sides of the leg that aren’t going to be painted.
5. Paint the edges of the legs and the top part. Let dry. Add as many coats of paint as necessary until you are happy with the result.
6. Varnish the painted areas.
7. Let the stool dry for a few hours. Once it is completely dry, thread your needle with the wool and start cross-stitching your way through the flower pattern. If you have never cross-stitched before, you’ll see, it’s easy – just find a tutorial on youtube!
8. You’re done!

PS: If you like this stool but drilling holes ain’t your thing, you can just paint the cross-stitch flower on your stool instead. Super easy and you’ll get a very similar look!

Images and tutorial by This Little Street and IKEA




If you enjoy a fun DIY project, then have a look at these really creative coasters out of slices of birch (tree) that are both incredibly inspiring and easy to make. Full DIY tutorial available by Lou at Happy Serendipity.

Guaranteed that no two pieces will be alike. Perfectly imperfect!


Images by Happy Serendipity




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