Certified to Save: Environmentally-Friendly Wood Flooring by Kährs of Sweden

April 10, 2019

Every company has its own unique ethos. For Kährs, it has always been about becoming an eco-friendly wood floor manufacturer that is committed to nature’s wellbeing. As a company that prides itself as being environmental pioneers in the wood flooring industry, Kährs continuously aims to improve and develop its processes and environmental impact. It is this kind of ethos which has resulted in Kährs being certified by important environmental organisations, including the ‘The Swan’ Nordic Ecolabel Certification.

“We suspected that we were already working according to the strictest environmental requirements throughout the whole production process of our wood floors. But we didn’t know how to prove it. The answer was to apply for ‘The Swan’ Nordic Ecolabel certification,” says Bruce Uhler, Kährs environment ambassador. Today, more than 150 floors from Kährs have been certified according to the Nordic Ecolabel – one of the world’s most comprehensive environmental certifications.

As a specialist wood flooring company here in Dubai, we are proud to be working with a single brand – Kährs – who are true pioneers in eco-friendly natural wood flooring production. The company is one of the oldest producers of wood floors in the world and has a history of inventing and advancing flooring technology to make natural wood flooring both eco-friendly and sustainable in all aspects.

Little Things That Go A Long Way

Kährs is known for its innovative approach to wood since its establishment in 1857, when Johan Kähr the elder set up a shop deep in the forests of southern Sweden, crafting wooden spinning jennies and other wooden utility goods that were in high demand during that time. However, it was Kährs’ creation of the world’s first modern engineered hardwood floor, the multi-layer floor, that became their most recognised and patented product in the year 1941. The innovative product was a result of their dedication to finding efficient ways of using sustainable wood raw material and improving the stability of wood when used in building materials, and it is due to accomplishments such as these that Kährs is still praised as one of the most innovative and reliable wood flooring manufacturers in the world.

The Ecolabel Certification

‘The Swan’ Nordic Ecolabel has been in use for more than two decades in Sweden to help customers choose eco-friendly products over others. Started by the Nordic Council of Ministers, the primary motto of the Ecolabel is “Save the world a little bit each day”. Today, there are more than ten thousand products in Sweden with the Ecolabel, which shows an entire nation’s mindset towards greener choices. ‘The Swan’ is a label that includes some of the toughest criteria such as air, water and land emissions control; energy and resource usage specifics; use of hazardous chemicals as well as the method of waste disposal. Today, the label has more than 96 per cent recognition in Sweden and is gaining more and more momentum globally.

Although Kährs was already producing wood flooring according to the strictest environmental standards and ‘The Swan’ Nordic Ecolabel, Kährs saw an increased demand for environmentally certified wooden floors in both private and public spaces and therefore invested in becoming officially certified, resulting in over 150 Kährs products carrying the recognised Ecolabel today.

As an exclusive distributor of premium Swedish wood flooring, our Dubai-based company Nordic Homeworx has worked as a brand agent of Kährs in the UAE & Middle East for over 13 years. We too believe in a greener and safer earth, which is why we encourage our clients to bring the Nordic tradition of having natural wood flooring in their homes and projects. And with ‘The Swan’ Nordic Ecolabel’s support, we are certified to save the earth a little bit each day.


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