Consider These Hardwood Patterns For Your Next Home Remodeling Project

February 14, 2023

Are you considering a home remodeling project, and you’re thinking of getting hardwood flooring installed? It’s time for you to discover several patterns for installation. It’s a significant stage that can influence interior decoration and home aesthetics.

The widespread trend of laying wooden floors has grown into the construction of captivating wood flooring patterns. So here are the most common wood floor design you can attempt in your home to renew and transform the space.

Regular Straight Pattern

It is the most conventional and well-known technique for installing wood floors. The planks are put parallel to each other and panel to panel. If you have a narrow space, place the planks to reflect the longest wall to make the area bigger.

Most homeowners choose this style because it is uncomplicated, simple, and functional. It is a fantastic and convenient addition to any property or interior because it does not make the place appear excessively crowded or cluttered.

As a result, the regular straight pattern is widespread in many residences and complements diverse interiors, from cutting-edge modern to classic and timeless furniture.

Diagonal Wood Flooring Pattern

It’s similar to a straight pattern, but instead of going from border to border, it goes from corner to corner. Its design also necessitates a certain level of ability and experience to be installed accurately.

As a result, if you want to create the perfect diagonal parquet flooring in your home, hire a skilled and experienced installation expert. Remember, this pattern can cause a visual illusion effect in any space. Depending on the placement direction and room layout, it might make the room bigger or longer.

Herringbone Pattern

It is unquestionably the most sought-after pattern nowadays. However, it is not ideal for tiny areas because it makes them look smaller.

Herringbone offers superior structural accuracy since one block is pressed against the other, restricting movement. It can be mounted straight or diagonal to the sidewalls. The herringbone parquet layout has endured the test of time with its aesthetics and durability. It is perhaps the most recognizable parquet flooring pattern, and it is the initial idea many consider when they think of hardwood flooring.

Chevron Pattern

It is similar to a herringbone yet unique from it. Herringbone and chevron are built of equal pieces of wooden planks in a zig-zag pattern. Chevron is formed when the pieces are carved at an angle, creating a straight line where each plank meets the other end. The chevron pattern is a classic and timeless option considering the aesthetics. It is not a layout that works well in narrow hallways or small rooms because it can make the area feel smaller and messier. But it will look great in wide spaces, making the room seem more sophisticated.

Brick Wood Pattern

It’s meant to look like conventional brickwork, as the term indicates. While simple in and of itself, it can be applied to the entire floor or a specific section enclosed by walls. The brick pattern is laid out in connection with more complex and intricate parquet floor designs to create a unique floor that resembles a work of art.

You can choose to install the brick pattern on its own. It will complement contemporary, minimalistic, urban, and industrial home styles. Because of the pattern’s subtlety, you can use your imagination to pair it with intriguing furniture pieces, bold colors, and distinctive materials.

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