Engineered Wood: The Green Alternative For Elegant Homes

August 29, 2019

Wood floorings add class and elegance to any home. They provide rich colour, texture, and sense of belonging with the surroundings. When people think of getting wood flooring for their home or apartment, it is natural that they think solid hardwood floors, as a lot of them, are still only aware of half the choices they have. But, have you ever considered turning your attention towards engineered wood flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is wooden floorboards made out of solid wood as the name suggests. While this seems like the better option at first, there is more to wooden floorings than it’s purity. The engineered wood flooring, on the other hand, is made of two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank, where the top visible layer is made of solid hardwood, while the bottom layers are constructed using high-quality plywood. Typically, it is a sawn piece of timber that can be cut and styled differently, giving its final appearance. 

Along with the other factors that make engineered wood flooring appealing, it also has increased stability when compared to solid hardwood. This is achieved by running each wood layer at a 90° angle to the layer above.

In this blog, we will explore the different reasons that make engineered wood flooring from Kährs a good choice for your home in Dubai.

Wider choices and varieties

Engineered woods come in a variety of colours, textures, widths and styles. On the other hand, solid wood floorings usually have limited colours and grain variations, which will not suit every other home. 

With Engineered wood flooring from Kährs, you can now choose an exact flooring for your home that blends with your home interiors as well as the surrounding nature. Unlike solid flooring, engineered wood flooring can be created in specific colours and shades by mixing stains, to get a finish in non-traditional colours.

Better Durability

As engineered wood floorings are factory-made and pre-finished, them come with a durability coating, which helps them withstand heat and moisture. 

The durability is actually attributed by the actual making process of an engineered woods. As mentioned before, the floorboard is made of different layers of wood, where each layer of wood is positioned at a slightly different angle compared to the one just below. Due to its intricate design, engineered wood is less susceptible to moisture and doesn’t wrap or hump. And due to this reason, the engineered wood can also be installed in below-grade areas like the basement of your home, where it is impossible to use solid hardwood. Unlike solid hardwood flooring, these floorings are also relatively scratch resistant.

Ease of installation

Apart from its durability, engineered wood floorings can also be easily installed when compared to solid wood flooring.  For instance, Kährs engineered wood floorboards have an innovative locking system called the Woodloc®. The Kährs Woodloc-system can lock mechanically the boards together, and eliminate the gaps between the boards. The superior fit of the  Kährs Woodloc-system also enhances the floor’s durability. 

Also, the Kährs wood floorboards are factory finished, which eliminates the need for applying the polyurethane coat after the installation.

Looking for engineered wood flooring for your home or apartment in Dubai? You can always count on our Kährs wood floors to give you the best options in the city.


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