Floor Protection: 4 Essential Tips That Can Help You Prevent Floor Damage

July 22, 2021

Floor Protection: 4 Essential Tips That Can Help You Prevent Floor Damage

Hardwood flooring is unmatched in its beauty and elegance, and when you have them installed in your home, they add sophistication and splendor. One of the key aspects of this flooring is its stunning grain and shine, making it one of the more expensive flooring choices. Therefore you must have sufficient protective measures in place to save them from damage. These are not complicated or expensive; however, they need to be incorporated into your family’s routine to ensure that your flooring can last a long time and look amazing through it all.

Regular cleaning

Let’s face it, the biggest enemy to your beautiful polished hardwood floors is dirt. Dirt and dust can cause scratches that could be unsightly and wear down the wood’s protective barrier. However, cleaning them regularly can extend your flooring’s lifespan and ensure that it will stay in excellent condition. 

You do not have to purchase professional-grade equipment to clean the floors. A good cleaning solution and a microfiber mop are all you need. If there isn’t much dirt, just a dry wipe using the mop is more than enough to keep them clean. You should only use a damp mop a maximum of four times a year as excess moisture can discolor wood and damage it. 

Choose safe cleaning agents.

When you are purchasing a cleaning solution, you need to keep in mind that polished wood is delicate, and if you use anything too harsh, it could strip the shine and make your flooring look dull. Some products can even cause discoloration. Therefore, you need to ensure that your cleaning agent has been approved for use on wood and does not leave a residue. 

If you have pets or children, then the cleaning agent should be safe for them, as they may come into contact with the flooring, and if there are any toxins, it could threaten their lives. If you are uncertain about which solution to buy, you can always ask the flooring company for recommendations, and they will be more than willing to help you out.

Use protective pads when moving furniture.

The furniture in your home can be heavy and have sharp edges. Therefore, if you move them without securing them well enough, they could scratch the flooring. Therefore, to ensure there is no damage, you should attach protective pads to your furniture. 

The type of protectors available can vary, with nailable ones preferred for furniture that moves a lot and self-adhesive ones for mostly stationary objects. Therefore, always make sure to find out which one is suitable for your furnishings. 

Reducing the wear in high traffic areas

The flooring in places that people commonly frequent will wear down much quicker than others. Therefore, if you want to maintain the wood in excellent condition, you need to employ protective measures such as rugs and mats. These will bear the brunt of the footfall, thereby protecting the flooring underneath. 

You can also install a shelf near the doorway so that people can remove their shoes and neatly keep them away when they come into your home. You can also have slippers available so that they can either walk on their socks or switch to wearing a slipper. It will ensure that people do not carry their dirt into a home or make any marks on the flooring. 

The above tips will help you protect and maintain your beautiful hardwood floor for months and years to come. For more advice, contact our flooring company in Dubai. Our team of experts will be delighted to help you. 

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