How To Match Pantone Colour Of The Year Pieces To Wood Flooring

February 7, 2022

Very peri is the Pantone colour of the year, its exact name being PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri. The colour takes a unique shade of purple that reflects a hue between dark periwinkle and lilac, obtained by infusing the cold notes of blue with a warm undertone of red. 

The colour symbolises positive modernity which invites people to express imagination, experimentation, and the urge to be daring in all phases of life.  Having already taken over the fashion world, this colour is now gaining popularity in the interior design market. 

Matching and incorporating the colour of the year with home flooring, more specifically wooden floors is something homeowners have been trying to figure out. Here are some ways you can have a “Very Peri” inspired home that will complement your wooden flooring almost perfectly. 

Pick A Theme

Nowadays wooden floors come in a variety of colours, textures, and patterns. Each has its own characteristics and uniqueness. One of the best features about the colour of 2022 is that it matches perfectly with a wide range of shades. 

If your wood floor has warm tones like coffee, caramel or cocoa, then consider having Very Peri interiors with a combination of white, camel and beige. Whereas if you have cool undertones in your wood floor, like shades of grey, blue or black, then utilise very peri pieces alongside other design elements in colours like green, pink and light shades of orange or yellow – whichever goes well with your style. This will give a more artistic statement to your house. 

Make Use Of The Pantone Colour Palette 

To help people pair up colours wisely Pantone has actually developed 4 different colour palettes; “Balancing Act”, “Wellspring”, “Star Of The Show,” and the “Amusements”. As wood floors generally have a more neutral tone, you use the Pantone colour palettes as a guide on how to choose colours that would suit the overall theme of your interiors.  

This is a simple way to match Very Peri interiors to your wooden floors if you don’t know how to pick your own colour scheme or are unsure how the final look will turn out. 

Use A Statement Furniture 

Another easy way to match your wooden floor to the pantone colour of the year is to add a piece of statement furniture in the same colour. The natural warmth of wooden floors and the cool blue undertones from the very peri shade will add a unique sense of tranquillity and comfort into any space in your house.

You can add a piece of statement furniture in your bedroom study or living room, but make sure to get one with elegant details that are eye-catching. 

Add A Bold Or Contrasting Wall 

Very Peri is a colour of adventure, which gives house owners many opportunities for experimentation. One best way to get around this is to try adding contrasting walls with the same colour that will match wooden floorings.  Large living rooms or hallways make a great spot to have contrasting walls. They are able to attract the attention of your guests as soon as they enter the house. A simple well-designed and detailed contrasting wall will just add the right touch of contemporary interior upgrade to a house with wooden floors. 

If you’re planning to paint your house with new colours or want to maintain a consistent colour tone to match your wood flooring, then add different shades of purple to the walls, and reserve one large wall to add contrasting patterns in the same shade.

Matching interiors in unique colours like very peri to go well with wood floors is not difficult, all it takes is a little bit of thinking and experimentation. Pinterest and Instagram are also good places to find inspiration on how to bring out a whole interior style statement with uncommon interior colours and different flooring options.

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