The Best Ways to Pet-Proof Your Wood Flooring

January 14, 2022

When it comes to choices for home flooring, wood is a popular and time-enduring option. It not only looks stunning, but it is also durable and suits nearly all aesthetics. However, if you have a pet in your home, you have a higher chance of your floors getting scratched. Even the most resilient hardwood can still become scratched or damaged by your pet, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid installing wooden flooring altogether. Instead, you need to take measures to pet-proof the floor. Although it is impossible to prevent scratches entirely, you can still minimise them with the following tips.

Apply a strong finish on the wood

Typically hardwood finish consists of a topcoat meant to protect the wood from wear and tear, but it is not resilient enough against a pet’s claws. It is better to opt for a stronger finish, such as a waterborne finish which is more difficult to penetrate, even with claws and beaks. It is more expensive than a regular finish but will be better and more cost-effective in the long run as you will not have to recoat the flooring or replace it. 

Apply several coats of finish

Even if you choose a more robust finish, you need to apply several coats to minimise damage. The exact number depends on how many pets you own and their tendency to scratch the floor, but at least a minimum of three coats will be necessary. When you apply the wood finish, any dents and scratches will affect the finish, and not touch the wood underneath.

Opt for textured wood

Textured hardwood, such as distressed or hand-scraped hardwoods, has a rustic and rough look which helps it camouflage any scratches or dents, making them less visible. Smooth wood flooring surfaces tend to magnify even the most minor scratches so refrain from using them if you have pets.

Choose engineered wood over natural ones.

Pets can damage wood in more ways than scratches alone. The moisture in their urine or vomit can seep inside, causing foul smells and discolouring the wood. They can also stain the flooring requiring an expensive overhaul. Engineered wood only uses solid wood in the top layer; the bottom is laminated wood that uses synthetic resins as adhesives, stopping moisture from seeping in. 

Put rugs and carpet over the flooring.

It is wise to keep carpets in areas where your pet frequently stays, as this will ensure that if they scratch a surface, it will be on the fabric and not the wood underneath. Good spots for the carpets include near entryways and areas where they play or sleep. Placing them under water bowls can also help avoid spills from staining the floor. 

Your wooden flooring will stay beautiful and good as new for years with the above measures. You will not have to be stressed or anxious about your pet causing any damages and can let them freely explore your house and be comfortable. For more information on wooden flooring and how to protect them, contact our flooring company in Dubai, Nordic Homeworx.

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