October 21, 2012

A family home needs to be child-friendly, inspirational and a space for children to be free to play and be creative. By combining cool and quirky decor/furniture pieces with a calm and natural wood floor you can create the perfect balance between the aesthetically pleasing and a safe living environment. Kährs wood floors are very possibly the safest kind of flooring for your child: they are hypo-allergenic, require very little maintenance (i.e. no toxic substances) and have an entirely solvent-free surface treatment, amongst many other factors. With so many harmful environmental pollutants in our day-to-day lives, both in the foods we eat and our outdoor lives, it is comforting to know that a wood floor is completely natural, enabling you and your children to breathe easy.

This home in Norway is the epitome of the perfect family home with a design edge. It is furnished with some classic yet simple pieces in mild earth tones with pops of colour for added interest – creating the perfect balance between the feeling of an adult and childish space. The walls are in diverse textures (married by a pure white wash) and the floor is a lively caramel oak floor that gives the home real character, warmth and coziness.

To get this look, Oak Ember by Kährs Harmony Collection is the perfect match. The 3-strip floor is brushed and bronze pigmented with a matt lacquer (pre)finish, thereby making it a very forgiving floor that can handle heavy usage. And with a 30 year warranty, it is the perfect floor for your children to grow up on.

Images by BRIGG and Nordic Homeworx

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