Matches Made On Earth – Find The Perfect Wooden Flooring For Your Home

March 26, 2019

Have you ever considered natural wood flooring for your home? If you are looking at interior ideas for your new home or planning to renovate, this is the right time to consider Kährs wood flooring.

While it may seem like a tough decision to choose wood for your home flooring in Dubai, there are a lot of benefits to it that are hard to overlook. So here is a list of pointers as to why Kährs’ natural wood flooring is a good idea for your home –

  • Kährs is the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world still in operation, with a history dating back to 1857. Meanwhile, it is also the most innovative with a tradition of leading the development of the modern parquet floor.
  • Kährs wood flooring is beautiful thanks to its philosophy of enhancing nature’s own design with a human touch. Kährs’ natural wood flooring can bring a warm, grounding and rustic feeling to your home and can blend very well with the surroundings, regardless of interior style.
  • Kährs wood flooring is available in the widest spectrum of colours, designs and finishes which can beautifully complement and enhance the other interior elements of your home.
  • One of the highlights of having natural wood flooring is its ambient temperature control properties. Wood flooring will feel warm underfoot during the cooler months, and since it acts as a natural conduit, it will also help to evenly spread cool AC air throughout the interior during the warmer months- thereby lowering energy consumption.
  • Natural wood floors are highly sustainable, especially engineered wooden floors. Kährs multi-layer construction means that the wood raw material is utilised as efficiently as possible. The engineered construction also means ensures that the floor remains intact despite seasonal fluctuations of humidity.
  • Installing a Kährs wood floor is simple as it is laid floating on top of existing flooring without the use of any glue. The revolutionary Woodloc® mechanical glueless joint system locks boards together mechanically, creating a completely gap-free floor.

Interior Ideas For Your Home In Dubai

According to the latest forecasts by interior designers, the colour trends for 2019 focus on 3 key styles – the softer pastels, the naturalist tones and the toned down earthy mixes.

Discover how they influence your home interiors and blend with wooden floors to convey different atmospheres:

Pastels That Play Neutral

Designers predict that pastels are taking over as the “new neutrals” – replacing white and beige to create a warm and cosy vibe. Colours like lavender, powder pink, cool mint and lemon chiffon are taking over interiors to bring out soft and playful shades.

When you consider blending wood floors with pastel tones, it is a great idea to stick to the lighter wood shades like Kährs Oak Vista, Kährs Oak Möre or Kährs Oak Asplund.

Nature Inspired Naturalist Shades

Colours like rosy red, pine green and mushroom beige that evoke the sense of walking through a summer forest. This colour palette is an evergreen choice for designers to colour and contour home interiors to transform the inside to resemble the outside nature. It is a lively and vibrant palette that still stays sophisticated in just the right way.

Oakwood floor shades like Kährs Oak Sevede, Kährs Oak Ydre or Kährs Oak Tveta are great choices that work with these cheerful colours of the forest.

Deep And Musty Earth Mixes

Earthy tones speak of comfort and nostalgia. They are warm, toned down and sun-kissed, giving a subtle look to the surroundings. Colours like burnt orange, burgundy red or even an unconventional stormy blue evoke images of earth in its raw form. A bookcase by the wall, a woollen spread over the couch and earthy tones feel like home at its best.

Kährs Hard Maple Bruma, Kährs Oak Foschia and Kährs Hard Maple Nebbia are some of the wood floors that can complement the earthy tones and elevate your interiors to the next level of comfort.

Find your best floor matches today at our Nordic Homeworx home flooring in Dubai.

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