New Color Trends That Can Help You Decide On Your Home Floorin

August 14, 2022

One of the major advantages of having hardwood flooring for your home flooring options is that you can experiment with a variety of colors. As trends constantly evolve, wood is a timeless and classic material for your flooring choice. And you won&’t have a hard time remodeling your floor to match your vibe.

Wood flooring style comes in a variety of colors, ranging from natural wood hues to lighter woods that can perfectly blend in with other colors. A home flooring company in Dubai is taking care of hardwood flooring styles as people prefer earthy tones to incorporate a nature vibe within their space. This style and other new color vibes are arising this year; to keep up with the trend, here are new color trends this 2022 for your home flooring options.

Honey Hardwood Colors

Cool and warm tones will be popular in the wood flooring market this 2022, and if you prefer to go a warmer tone, then choosing the honey hardwood color will be a perfect choice. Honey is a popular warm tone because it adds a touch of cheerful softness. Honeywood floors are light enough, making your room appear larger and look like your room has a wide space.

It allows your wooden floors to complement any of your home styles by adding darker-colored furniture or a colorful rug to enhance the lovely honey-colored floors.

Whitewashed Hardwood Floors

You can never go wrong with a whitewashed hardwood color. It has been popular before, but it’s not losing its popularity this 2022. Whitewashed floors have an easy-going and farmhouse vibe that gives you a more laid-back feel in your home. Depending on the rest of your interiors, it can also give a "beachy" contemporary look that’s very popular now.

This type of wood color is also very affordable since you can whitewash your existing woods, which makes it less expensive than installing a new one. However, do it at your own risk, as it may scratch and wear down over time. To ensure durability, choosing engineered hardwood with a whitewashed finish would be a good idea.

Gray Hardwood Floors

Grayish wood color or gray wood has grown significantly, becoming the most popular choice not only for flooring options but for home preferences in general. Gray floors have that chic feel which sets the tone for a modern home. They provide a neutral backdrop for accessorizing in almost any color, such as darker hues for moody and unique combinations or bright-bold colors to give a more refreshing feel to the space.

Smoked-Finished Wood Floors

Smoked-finished wood floors have recently been preferred by homeowners earlier this year. Smoked or fumed wood has been exposed to ammonia gas. And the reaction of ammonia with the organic tannins in the hardwood results in a darker finish and a gray ombre. Smoked wood colors each plank evenly, resulting in a vintage, sleek, and modern look. With its rich yet toned-down finish and classic appearance – you won’t get left behind with the rising trends this 2022.

Hand-scraped Wood Floors

Another wood trend that remains this 2022 is the hand-scraped wooden floors. This color technique makes the wooden floor appear worn down while managing to still look fashionable. It will appear vintage with its grazes and knots. In appearance, the natural wood is more exposed, giving your home a rustic aesthetic while still appearing elegant and unique. Aside from its aesthetic value, this color trend for hardwood floors ultimately increases the value of your home.

There are endless choices for this year’s trendy colors for hardwood flooring and they are more likely to stick around for years. Now, if you don&’t know where to source high-quality and trendy hardwood floors, we, at Nordic Homeworx can definitely help you with that. We are a trusted flooring company in Dubai that provides an extensive hardwood flooring portfolio for your ideal space.

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