Pioneering For Sustainability: What Is The Future Of Green Living?

March 19, 2019

Green living is one of the most relevant social topics today. With the various environmental concerns that have sprung up in the last decade, more and more people are now moving towards conscious and meaningful life choices and living conditions. Green living is so highly rewarding to the environment that many companies in the manufacturing and service sectors are adopting various programs to accommodate the same into their offerings.

So how does a wood flooring company in Dubai incorporate sustainable living through green living? While wood is a natural material that’s eco-friendly and biodegradable, how is it possible to actually bring a change through flooring solutions?

In this article, we are discussing a few key pointers that show how a natural wood flooring company can pioneer and contribute to sustainable living.

Why Choose Wood Floors?

Wood is one of nature’s best insulators. This is the reason why wood floorings have been in use since time immemorial. Wood floors stay cool on warm days and warm on cool days. The wood’s natural cellular structures hold thousands of air pockets per cubic inch, which gives it the characteristic thermal adjustment properties.

Wood floors used to be the material of choice for centuries before other man-made materials took over the flooring market. However, with the green living concern catching on, more and more people are choosing naturally biodegradable wood flooring above ceramic, plastic laminate or vinyl floors that can be harmful for the environment.

Building Eco-Friendly Structures

While most people have gotten used to steel, brick and cement structures since the industrial revolution, many architects and designers believe that wood is, in fact, going to be the most sought-after building material of the future.

Wood is not just used for flooring but is replacing most basic parts of structures, providing a more eco-friendly solution to the concrete jungles we have today. Studies by EU commission showed that increased use of wood, especially for building purposes stimulate the planning and planting of new forests, which will essentially bring down the carbon dioxide emissions.

Take a look at some of the lesser-known facts about wood to understand the role it plays in building healthy and sustainable structures:

  • Wood is known to have superior strength in proportion to its weight and density.
  • It is one of the most versatile materials to work with and can be used for building anything from floors, roofs, doors and even walls.
  • As an interior building material, wood is known to even out indoor humidity. It can absorb indoor humidity when it’s high and emit water particles during the dry seasons.

Style And Comfort Combined

One of the reasons architects and interior designing professionals to opt for wood as a building material is because of the warm and earthy tones it can contribute to a building. It can soften the appearance of a room by adding a natural feel to it. Unlike synthetic materials like plastic laminate or carpets, wood is a very tactile material that can activate all senses, evoke memories and resonate with human emotions.

Making A Difference With Wood

While every company has its own values, Kährs is one of the unique ones that shows a deeper commitment towards the environment. As a wood flooring company, they make it a point to source the majority of their raw materials from Sweden, where the forests are impressively 60% larger than a century ago.

As one of the oldest wood flooring companies in the world, Kährs has been at the forefront of innovation, including the patent for producing the world’s first multi-layer wood floor. All the while, apart from encouraging and actively participating in forest planning, they also convert all their wood by-products like bark, sawdust and wood chips into biofuel, right at their factory site. Their commitment toward the cause of green living doesn’t end with providing the building material, but extend to ensure that what is taken, is given back to nature.

Start your journey of sustainable green living today with the pioneers of the moment. Find the perfect flooring for your home or office with your favourite wood flooring company in Dubai.


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