Skirting Vs Beadboard: Choosing The Right Wooden Floor Edging

April 7, 2022

Skirting and beading are two types of wooden floor edging which is used to bridge the gap between newly installed floor and the walls of the room. It is a necessary investment after the installation of your floor. These accessories add finishing touch to your floor, and are available in a variety of styles to perfectly complement your flooring.They are essential to grant your room a complete look. Skirting serves to cover the gap that is left around the perimeter of the room, between the new flooring and the wall, which is also called the expansion gap. While beading is used to cover the expansion gap left around the perimeter of the room between the new flooring and the existing skirting. 


Installing a new flooring also entails the consideration of several factors, including underlay and cutting the floor to fit around objects or obstacles you may face. Whether you need beading or skirting boards must be decided based on your preference, the desired finish and also the flooring, which may be hardwood or laminate flooring. Skirting and beading is important to get a smooth finish from one side of the room to another when installing real wood or laminate flooring. But when the floor reaches the wall, you often do not get sharp edges. So, products like laminate floor beading and skirting boards are used to get a uniform, neat and professional appearance. 


Skirting board protects the lower part of the wall from knocks and scuffs. It also hides uneven floors, and acts as a decorative feature. They are available in varying materials including PVC, wood or MDF, and can be molded or flat. If you are fitting new floors, in a property with damaged or no skirting, you will need to install new ones. While fitting the new floor, a small gap is left between the floor and the wall which is called the expansion gap. This is necessary as the properties undergo general expansions and contractions over the years. This is cleverly kept hidden using a skirting board. So it has both a functional advantage and adds aesthetic benefits, particularly for laminate flooring skirting for which a smart finish will improve its impact. 


For laminate flooring, the concern of expansion or warping over time like real wood does not exist. So, the expansion gap left is usually smaller between the floor and skirting. This is even more true if the flooring is laid on a concrete base. You can also bring together a laminate flooring with real engineered wood skirting boards to give a stylish look. 


Wood floor beading is primarily an aesthetic element, and it is a simple way to cover up the gaps left in your home when fitting new floors. Similar to skirting boards, wood floor beading is available in a range of materials including solid wood and MDF. For laminate flooring, beading can confer elegance, especially in cases when fitting new floors without removing pre-existing skirting boards. In the absence of beading, the room would be left with a small gap, stealing away the refined look of your home. 

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