Sparkling Floors: How To Maintain That Wonderful Shine On Your Hardwood Floor

July 8, 2021

Sparkling Floors: How To Maintain That Wonderful Shine On Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are possibly the most elegant and stunning choice for interiors in the UAE. They are easy to walk on, and the grain is beautiful to behold. However, they require routine maintenance to keep them looking shiny and fantastic throughout their lifetime. While there is much advice regarding which methods you can use, we will explore some of the most effective ones in this blog, as guaranteed by our wood flooring company in Dubai.

Prevention is better than an expensive cure.

To begin with, the best way to ensure your flooring stays shiny and clean for a long time is to employ preventive measures that can protect them. Then, not only will your flooring look great, but you will also not have to make time in your schedule to clean it frequently. 

You should keep durable mats on both sides of exterior doors. It will reduce tracked-in dirt and will also ensure that water or dirt does not touch your flooring. It will also be helpful to have shelves near the doorway to store shoes that are worn outdoors. Also, make sure to keep clean slippers that a person can switch to. It will ensure that everyone who comes in removes their shoes and the flooring stays clean. 

Wipe up spills immediately.

Even if covered in a protective coating, wood is vulnerable to liquids and staining, especially in heavy traffic areas. As wood is porous, it absorbs any element that can seep into it. If you do not wipe them off immediately, watermarks may occur that will be time-consuming to fix. 

If the liquid has color and a smell, they need to be wiped with a cleaning agent immediately. Water alone will not be sufficient. When using a cleaning solution, select one that is approved for usage on wood, as some can make staining worse or even have bleaching properties that could remove the polish. 

Limit the use of a damp mop.

Frequently mopping with water is not advisable as liquids can cause streaking in the wood and affect the polish. Therefore, unless your home is filthy, you usually will only need to use a damp mop four times a month or less. 

When using it, ensure that any excess water is removed before the mop touches the floor. If it is soaking wet, then buckling might occur. If there is frequent dirt build-up requiring mopping, speak to your home flooring company in Dubai and find out what commercial cleaner they recommend. Once you finish mopping, immediately use a dry microfiber mop to remove the remaining moisture and prevent streaking. 

Get a professional to polish the floor.

If you want a brilliant shine, just cleaning is not going to be adequate. You need to hire a professional to polish the flooring every two to four months. Not only will your floor look exquisite, but it will also help protect it from over cleaning and damage. 

If you want to ensure that your flooring is clean and shiny, you should follow the above maintenance tips. In addition, at the point of purchase, speak to us and find out our recommendations for maintaining your selected floor type. Depending on what material is used, the maintenance can differ. Oakwood flooring in Dubai, for example, is significantly different from teak and requires more care. Therefore, always make sure to obtain the correct information. 

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