Styling A Home With LVT

June 21, 2022

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are a known alternative to genuine stone and wood. It is versatile, and comes with various colors and patterns that imitate the appearance of more expensive flooring, allowing you to style your home however you want to and with whatever theme you’re looking into.

If you are considering having your space restructured on a certain budget, read along and see how you can use LVT for styling your home.

Taking into Consideration Your Room Size

Installing LVT flooring requires only minimal skills as the process is quite straightforward. It may either be installed by locking joints, through a special grip, or by following the glue down method. However, in order to ensure that the outcome of your interior design is aesthetically pleasing and neat, it is vital to first assess the area of the room, then consider the tile size and the placement of each according to their patterns.

Consequently, bigger rooms may allow for wider tiles, since small ones are likely to make it appear stuffed. On the other hand, narrower tiles may be best for smaller spaces as they can make it appear bigger than it really is, while wider tiles can dwarf it.

Looking into Your Room Shape and Features

In order to make your room appear symmetrical, where all lines and shapes are in harmony, it is also vital to consider the shape of your room where you will be installing LVT. For narrow spaces like hallways, it is best to have the flooring installed in such a way that its patterns would be parallel to the walls. On the other hand, for angled rooms, a diagonal install would be ideal to give it a geometrical look.

Assessing the Light Source

Assessing the light source of a room, together with the effect it gives, will allow you to choose the best shade and pattern of your LVT flooring. For rooms that are abundant with natural light, cooler shades of beige with a pinkish undertone are best, as they can brighten up the space in the morning, while keeping it cool in the afternoon. For rooms with less natural light, warmer shades of beige with yellow undertone are more ideal since it will be more reflective of light.

Harmonizing with Your Overall Theme

LVT flooring gives off a beautiful wood or stone effect, making it a versatile option for any theme you would like to come up with. For contemporary interior designs, light wood would be best, most especially when paired with crisp white wall colors and furniture. On the other hand, luxury interior designs are best paired with darker shades of LVT, such as those that imitate the wood walnut, as they bring richness, sophistication, and a timeless appeal.

Finding a Trusted Flooring Company

In order to make the most out of your home styling budget, it is best to rely on flooring companies that are known for the durability of their products, along with the variety of styles they offer. For LVT flooring in Dubai and in other highly urbanized areas where sophistication, style, and class are often the standard in interior design, it is even more necessary to have wider options for better styling opportunities.

Give your 100% effort in styling with Nordic Homeworx, a flooring company in Dubai, and have the best outcome possible for your home.

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